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Mar 6

JD Edwards Week

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QXW offers 4 jam-packed days of practical Oracle product learning for users of JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud apps and Oracle Database solutions. There’s something for everyone: strategic insights, practical product how-to sessions, customer case studies and best practices.​ Browse session recordings

We’ll walk through the visibility available with CatEyes to reliably optimize JDE processing at all levels and to accurately pinpoint and Solve JDE application & job performance or functionality issues.
**Also introducing our new “Crash Reporting” feature with immediate, deep insight to diagnose those zombies, crashed transactions or jobs, and killed (blocking) database sessions!

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 1/06/23

Cloud apps and services are the latest and greatest ERP craze. But what are they exactly? How will they work with your particular JD Edwards system and all of its customizations? Are they even right for your organization? The experts at Denovo are here to guide you through what the assessment and implementation process could look like for your organization to modernize your legacy JD Edwards instance into a powerhouse hybrid ERP model with Oracle Cloud Applications.

Hear from Denovo’s Mike Hoskin as he discusses:
•Key considerations in whether or not adopting Oracle Cloud Apps is right for your organization
•Evaluate your functional requirements
•Evaluate your customizations
•Understanding the Oracle Cloud Applications software model
•How to adopt a stepping-stone approach to incorporating Oracle Cloud Apps into your JD Edwards system

Speaker: Mike Hoskin, Regional Sales Manager, Denovo

Audit time can be a rush, searching for scripts, checking what happened last year. And the C level need re-assurance, particularly as you move to the Cloud. Can you cope with providing these answers, giving realistic assurances? This presentation will look at these questions, topics will include: Assessing (& Understanding) your Current ERP Security Tracking Segregation of Duties Risk Evaluation – how does it work Audit Reporting – what are the “standards” Automating Controls (eg User Provisioning) Working across Multiple Systems (eg JDE, Ariba, Salesforce etc) Satisfying the Business by providing Efficiency & Control Planning Remediation

As JD Edwards customers are Increasingly considering or moving to the public cloud, they encounter a wide range of options which can be confusing, misleading or an understatement of the costs and efforts involved with moving to the public cloud.

In this session we will outline a blueprint and roadmap for the key ingredients and essential decisions that customers need to make when considering a move to the public cloud. We will also outline different cloud configurations, discuss potential overall objectives, strategies for the migration and dissect the pivotal decisions and the timeline and financial impacts they have.

This session will ensure that attendees have a primer and checklist to examine the business case for the public cloud and consider the essential decisions and is applicable to any of the major hyper-scalers including AWS, Azure and OCI.

Syntax is a pioneer in public cloud migrations, with hundreds of migrations under our belt and the know-how to guide our customers through the elements that are often omitted from the journey, resulting in an accelerated migration.

Key Takeaways:
•General overview of cloud computing
•Key components of the ERP ecosystem
•Cloud migration strategies
•Essential elements of a cloud migration
•Decision points along the cloud migration journey
•Major financial considerations in the cloud migration

In this webinar, RST Solutions will help you better understand the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) landscape by taking a deep dive journey into the world of RPA.  During our time together we will help you gain clarity about the nuances between different types of RPA use cases and how it differs from other automation technologies,…

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 12/06/22

Are you considering transitioning your JD Edwards environment from On-Premise hardware to a cloud platform like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, or Microsoft Azure? Join us as we share our experience with dozens of JD Edwards transitions to cloud infrastructure. We’ll share many of the pitfalls you should look out for that may not be obvious…