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Payroll Final Update Gone Bad... Don't Be Mad

Final Update is a Key Payroll Process in JDE Enterprise One. This is a point of no return in the Payroll processing where Payroll history is created from Payroll calculation temporary files.

There may be occasions when the Final update does not complete normally and the history files are not created fully and residual information would still be remaining in the temporary files. This could happen rarely due to a power outage or if final update program or process is terminated by mistake due to emergency outage. We experienced another situation where the Final update was completed normally but some of the records did not get cleared and moved to history due to the new User not having security access to a specific company.
Presentation would cover quick and easy resolutions for various such issues. Also cover Key processes in final update, steps followed to restart the final update and create history though Employee Lockout file was empty.

Presented by Thomas Nellissery, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc.