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Addressing an Era of Change in Your Organization

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

The pace of change is accelerating, and you must understand and address the change within your organization in order to keep up. Those who adopt will be the ones who succeed. A recent presentation showed what change is coming and how organizations can address it.

Business is Changing

Business models are becoming more disruptive and are focusing on customer obsession. They are also moving more toward digital transformations due to emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and chatbots. Business models are becoming intelligence-driven enterprises. It’s believed that 47 percent of jobs will disappear as new ones emerge.

Organizations are Changing

The structure of organizations is becoming flatter, with more networks of teams. It’s believed that 40 percent of the total workforce will be contingent workers in 2020. The leadership is becoming digitally savvy, forward-looking, collaborative and authentic. The focus is on an employer brand seeking customer engagement.

Workforce is Changing

The workforce is filling up with workers who are global, mobile, diverse, and sometimes robots! Workers in today’s age are seeking purpose, meaning, a work/life integration, and continuous learning. They want flexibility, mobility, and social connection, so businesses are working to meet those needs. It’s believed that 75 percent of the total workforce in 2025 will be millennials.

HR’s Role is Changing

HR’s focus is shifting from treating people like employees to treating them like customers. They’re moving from usability to productivity, from cost centers to value generators, and from actionable to impactful. Instead of centers of excellence, they are striving to be expertise networks.

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To learn more about the change that is coming to your organization and how Oracle HCM Cloud can help you adapt to it, check out the full presentation.

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