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Baylor University: Using Oracle Journeys

At Baylor, using Oracle Journeys enhances the onboarding and exiting process for employees.

Anastashia Alfred-Waller, Lead HCM Analyst for Baylor University, shared her experience using Oracle Journeys.

According to Anastashia, Oracle Journeys offers five key benefits:

  • Providing a personalized employee experience
  • Simplifying complexity
  • Unifying the employee experience
  • Creating enterprise-wide journeys
  • Extending journeys beyond Oracle

To avoid mistakes with Oracle Journeys, Anastashia recommends starting with the user perspective and working backwards from there.

She took this user-driven approach while building the faculty onboarding and exiting journeys.

Onboarding at Baylor University

At Baylor, using Oracle Journeys takes new hires through the following steps:

  1. To help the new hire feel like a part of the university family, Baylor’s onboarding sequence begins with a Welcome video from the President.
  2. Next, the user watches an intro video on the Oracle Cloud System.
  3. From here, the user is introduced to the brand toolbox so they can access official logos for updating email signatures and posting on LinkedIn.
  4. Beyond this point, the new hire will fill in tax forms and emergency contacts, learn how to submit timecards, and explore benefits information.

Everything in the system is set up intuitively, so the user can progress quickly while getting accustomed to each HR tool. Day 1 tasks not only help the user cross off essential paperwork but also familiarizes them with important HR modules. By the end of onboarding, they will have completed a total of 19 tasks that help them ease into their new role.

Employee Exiting at Baylor University

The exit journey is shorter, but just as intentional as the onboarding journey.

Anastashia has reduced the process to ten tasks in the system, which accomplish six main goals:

  1. Thank the employee for their service.
  2. Give specific information about benefits after leaving the university, what happens to their retirement, when they can return to the university, etc.
  3. Collect purchasing cards and make sure all expense reports are closed out.
  4. Request an updated address and point of contact to ensure delivery of W-2s, final checks, etc.
  5. Provide instructions for returning ID cards and any keys to a specific office. (These are manual steps in the journey that the employee and line manager will both account for being complete.)
  6. Complete an exit interview to recap the employee’s experience, make sure it reflects positively on the university, and understand why they’re leaving so Baylor can increase retention.

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Baylor University: Using Oracle Journeys