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Benefits of Implementing PeopleSoft Test Framework

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

Within the hierarchy of Lifecycle Management, PeopleSoft Test Framework (PFT) ranks as follows:

Lifecycle Management > Selection Adoption> Regression Testing > PTF

PTF has several perks, like the fact that it can record and playback steps and it serves as a tool for regressions and remediation. Check out the reasons, features and requirements for PTF in addition to some helpful tips for success with utilizing it.

Why Use PeopleSoft Test Framework

Here are five reasons why implementing PTF is beneficial:

  1. You own it.
  2. It’s integrated with PeopleTools.
  3. It can record and playback.
  4. It takes a proactive approach.
  5. It is easy to maintain.

Significant features

There are several notable features within PTF. First, it can automate PeopleSoft-specific functions. It also interfaces to Data Mover, PeopleSoft Query and more. Finally, PTF can also manipulate row set-oriented data and easily migrate PeopleTools-managed objects.

Requirements for Success

To have success with PTF, you must be committed to the lifecycle process, have a desire to keep current, have a thorough understanding of PTF’s role and responsibilities and have a commitment to the need for PTF. Other tips for success with PTF include training for functional and technical analysts, selection of the important processes for scripts and the willingness and ability to make changes when needed.

Tips for Running PTF

  • Run the PTF fix batch file as the PC Administrator.
  • Ideally, PTF should go in after implementation.
  • Formal detailed functional scripts will make PTF easier.
  • Knowledgeable consultants and staff are a necessity.
  • PTF is more complicated than it first looks, so be prepared.
  • The PTF scripts are the most costly part of the process. PTF is not a one-time function.

Learn More

To learn more about PTF and the hierarchy of Lifecycle Management, particularly regression testing, check out the slides from this RECONNECT 18 presentation: Implementing PeopleSoft Test Framework.