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Jul 21


May 29 @  1:00pm

Join Oracle as they host a weekly office hours for PeopleSoft healthcare users.

Apr 23 @  12:30pm

Intelligent automation in accounts payable, travel expense, and project-based expense management can remove friction across the process lifecycle and expedite the delivery of critical information to downstream systems and decision-makers. It can eliminate errors that increase costs and impact vendor relations. It can control task execution in a configurable and efficient manner. It can make…

May 22 @  1:00pm

Join Oracle as they host a weekly office hours for PeopleSoft healthcare users.

Apr 22 @  12:30pm

Some have said that there are no secrets to success. So why do some AP organizations excel within JD Edwards while others struggle to keep up or maintain the status quo? Regardless of where you stand, there are certain habits, ideas, and processes concerning AP automation that the vast majority of best-in-class AP organizations utilizing…

Apr 21 @  12:30pm

How long does it take your organization to realize someone breached your ERP data? Deciphering regular activity from malicious access to proactively detect breaches requires granular visibility into user activity, data access, and usage. Unfortunately, existing native security can only provide limited visibility. In this session, you’ll learn how implementing granular logging and analytics into…

Apr 21 @  11:00am

Financial intelligence isn’t software; it’s higher order thinking. The remit of the modern CFO encompasses guide and governance responsibilities, requiring a focus on analysis to drive business forward. PeopleSoft nVision lets you work in Excel, but isn’t finance-owned. To gain financial intelligence, finance needs to spend less time formatting reports and queries and submitting requests…

Apr 20 @  5:00pm

Oracle continues to invest in PeopleSoft PeopleTools technology. In this session, you will hear about some of the key features delivered in the latest PeopleTools release. Topics covered are PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, Oracle’s full suite of cloud-ready lifecycle management tools (including PeopleSoft Cloud Manager), simplified analytics, emerging technology and more. Oracle’s strategy is to…

Apr 20 @  3:30pm

Organizations need to grow while reducing costs. Attend this session to get an update of continuous innovations within Oracle's PeopleSoft ERP that support collaboration between business and financial operations leveraging new technologies, expanded visibility, and automated business flows. Come and see the PeopleSoft ERP value to your stakeholders to improve productivity, empower users with new…

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Apr 20 @  12:30pm

In this session see key capabilities recently delivered and planned for PeopleSoft, including the use of emerging technologies. Learn about the expansion of PeopleSoft analytics into data visualization using Kibana, and about ongoing investment in the PeopleSoft user experience. Get an update on deploying PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, addressing customizations through configuration frameworks, and…

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