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Mar 7

PeopleSoft Week

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Feb 1 @  3:00pm

This session is for IT and Business Leaders who would like some assistance in structuring their approach to moving their applications, especially ERPs, to the cloud. Hear from an enterprise applications expert who sees the world through a customer’s eyes and can help you sift through the sometimes cloudy advice out there. Presenter Sue Shaw…

Jan 24 @  1:00pm

  Learn how forward-thinking PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM customers have utilized PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management, Test automation, and Testing-as-a-Service to keep applications current and greatly reduce resources required across IT, Finance, HR, and Supply Chain. We will demonstrate the tools delivered within PeopleSoft and external to reduce recurring maintenance and testing effort across the organization. Case…

Jan 19 @  1:00pm

  Please join the UiPath Community Team as we kickstart the New Year with this exciting competition!!! Taking RPA courses and joining the UiPath Community Forum are great ways to learn more about UiPath technologies and get involved in a supportive community that can help answer your questions and share their experiences. Requirements to Attend…

Jan 13 @  2:00pm

As we say goodbye to 2021, now is the time to schedule some education for yourself and your team to  learn about new opportunities for 2022. You’re invited to participate in the Oracle PeopleSoft and Cloud Applications webinar series. Don’t miss out on deep dive discussions between Oracle PeopleSoft and Cloud HCM experts to educate…

Jan 11 @  12:00pm

If you reflect on all the winning teams you’ve ever been a part of, what’s the ONE thing all those teams had in common? Did you say, “We had the smartest people with the best tools?!” Probably not. Instead, you likely identified interpersonal relationships built on trust, respect and collaboration—not to mention, everyone on the…

Dec 14 @  2:00pm

COVID-19 has changed where we work. Many employers never dreamed that Remote Working would be  the new normal.  With many employees asking to continue fully remote or hybrid remote options, organizations need the ability to track where and when employees are no longer on site. Join us at this session to explore how the new…

2021 QXW 

The modernization of the Job Data component in PeopleSoft allows you to simplify the user experience for your HR Administrators. Attend this session to see a complete demonstration of all the key enhancements to Job Data including a new configurable search component, activity guide based user interface, attachments, approvals, drop zones, and the integration with of Page and Field Configurator to hide or mask fields by transaction.

Presented by Julie Alonso & Venkatesh Kotikalapudi, Oracle

Replay from RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

2021 QXW

Organizations are threatened by AP processes that cannot keep pace with the “new normal” – new operating models, new ways of dealing with suppliers, and new risks. Intelligent automation can remove inefficiencies across the AP process, expedite the delivery of critical information to decision-makers, and eliminate errors that increase costs and impact vendor relations.
What you will learn in this session:
•Examples of typical bottlenecks in invoice processes experienced by our clients, and how to solve them with intelligent automation, integrated with PeopleSoft
•How capabilities such as intelligent invoice capture, content management, workflow and collaboration, and business analytics can be achieved with on-premise and cloud-based solutions.
•A case study of how a utility company automated its AP and made it easier to adapt to remote work.

Presented by Bruno Vande Vyvre, Solution Manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

2021 QXW

If you are new to the Page and Field Configurator, come to this session to see how it works. When you leave this session you will know how to change your PeopleSoft pages without a customization.

Presented by Joe Willever & Kelly Mills, Oracle

Replay from RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

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