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Challenges and Opportunities for Human Capital Leaders

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

Recent developments and trends in Higher Education have shaped the future of the industry. The landscape, workforce, and organizations are changing in this new era and it’s important to reconnect your HR priorities with your institutional priorities. A presentation from Joseph Clay, VP of HCM Transformation at Oracle, covered both the challenges and the opportunities for Human Capital leaders in today’s changing workforce.

Setting the Stage for Change

Change is a process that requires preparation before engaging your organization. It’s essential to capture the voice of your customers to understand what they want as a result of change. It is also important to optimize your workflows as part of your preparation. Once you’ve established a solid plan for how your business will operate more efficiently, you can start thinking about bringing new solutions into the mix. After capturing your customer’s voice and optimizing your workflows, it’s imperative to ensure that your organization is ready for change. To determine organizational readiness, you’ll need to dive deep into the needs and issues of your organization.

Organizational Readiness

Before you even think about moving to Cloud, it’s crucial to identify pain points within your organization. Find out where your systems are breaking down and not working. Based on those pain points, you’ll know what you need to implement first when you move to Cloud. Fixing those issues requires to take priority over other parts of your implementation.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

While there are undoubtedly challenges that face Higher Education, HR, and other organizations looking to moving to Cloud in general, it’s important to look at those challenges as opportunities for change. The challenge of controlling costs and securing funding can be seen as an opportunity to invest in new infrastructure that will enhance value. Trying to streamline processes is an opportunity for continuous operational improvement. The struggle to engage new and existing talent is a chance to learn how to attract and develop top talent to your organization. Providing insight to managers and executives can be challenging, but it presents you with the opportunity to find new ways to help make real-time data-based decisions.

What’s Driving Organizations Forward

Organizations that have already moved forward and implemented new solutions are driven by better efficiency, faster innovation, and smarter intelligence. They are seeing better efficiency through relentless automation with a single data model. More rapid innovation comes from refocusing IT resources and collaborating with students and staff to develop new ideas for innovation. Smarter intelligence allows these organizations to predict the future and adapt to it more easily.

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To learn more about key shifts within Higher Education that have contributed to the changing landscape and how Oracle Cloud can help your organization handle it, check out the full presentation below.



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