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An Efficient Onboarding Process & The Cloud

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It is well known that an efficient onboarding process has the potential for significant business impact. Yet, when onboarding processes involve the management of multiple systems, particularly those that are manually-managed, the prospective yield of the onboarding process is limited. Learn more from Oracle’s Neeraj Narang about the potential reach a structured and unified onboarding process can have before, on, and after a new hire’s Day 1 through this demonstration of Oracle’s all-in-one Cloud Onboarding solution.

Structured Onboarding

A structured and efficient onboarding process can allow an organization the:

  • Continuous engagement of new hires at the pre-boarding and onboarding stages—from introducing the organization’s culture to clarifying responsibilities for internal transfers.
  • Delivery of compliance education with guided tutorials, document, and video distribution.
  • The connection of new hires and internal transfers to mentors, team members, and other new hires.
  • Auto-assignment, management, and tracking of interdependent and independent new hire tasks and workflows.

Learn More

View the full Onboarding Journeys in HCM Cloud session to learn more about the benefits of structured and unified onboarding.

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