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Eight Key Lessons Yum Brands Learned With Talent Profiles and Workforce Compensation

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager |

When Yum! Brands, Inc. (the owner of Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut) identified the need for new HR processes, they enlisted the help of Elire Consulting. Together, the implementation team decided Oracle HCM Cloud was the best product match and they put together a 2-wave plan to make changes in the 30,000+ employee organization.

The Yum! team focused on Talent Profiles and Workforce Compensation. Passionate about sharing tips with other organizations looking to make similar changes, Yum! and Elire put together a case study on their Oracle HCM Cloud experience. You can hear more details on wins, losses, gaps, resolutions, and looking ahead in the video here.

As you watch the video, you’ll learn about eight key lessons learned by the implementation team.

  • Having salaried and hourly employees in the same plan caused issues during merit calculation. This also impacted the budget summary. Use dynamic calculations to handle the difference.
  • Use the same rounding logic throughout the configuration as used in managing base pay (manage salary).
  • New hires will not be picked up by the refresh process after the cycle is opened. You will need to reprocess them manually.
  • Promotion involving salary basis change (non-exempt to exempt and vice versa) must be handled manually as there is no option to change or update the salary basis in WFC.
  • You are limited to using one Action/Reason during transfer WFC data to HR. You will need to do multiple transfers for merit increases and promotions separately.
  • You are limited to transfer only one stock grant type. You will need to create multiple stock plans or upload stock grants using an integrated spreadsheet.
  • Transfer WFC data to HR for Global Transfer scenarios needs manual intervention.
  • Avoid too many HR data changes before posting WFC data to HR.

Watch now for help in your own Oracle Cloud implementation.

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