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Elevate Human Resources with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager |

Given the significant volume of employee and business data currently available in Human Resource (HR) technology, deriving meaningful insights from that data is not always humanly possible. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications create opportunities to connect that wealth of data to Human Resources processes, decisions, and strategies.

Oracle’s Jack Berkowitz classifies the potential benefits of utilizing AI applications in his detailing of Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligent Apps for HCM. HR professionals can explore how AI can support their HR’s strategic vision to:

Hire Smarter. Beyond search matches, AI applications can intelligently inform and expedite hiring decisions through smart sourcing, analyzing best-fit candidates, recommending best placements, and optimizing the interview process with increased personalization.

Work Smarter. Intelligent automation has the potential to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of HR functions through capabilities such as anomaly detection and proactive advice.

Engage Smarter. From personalized onboarding to intelligent career planning, AI applications can enrich the employee experience just as similar technology has enhanced the customer experience.

Adapt Smarter. By intelligently optimizing HR processes like resourcing, scheduling, and salary budgeting through AI applications, HR professionals can meet organizational goals and transform their business.

View the full Empowering HR Transformation with AI session to learn more about leveraging AI technology to impact your HR and overall business outcomes.

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