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How Oracle HCM Cloud Helps Address Key HR Challenges

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Nancy Zoder, Senior Director of Oracle HCM Cloud Product Strategy, spoke to customers about how Oracle HCM Cloud works to support complex industries and labor relations to address their key HR challenges. Unions and other labor representation influence how businesses manage their overall worker population, and Oracle HCM Cloud can help them simplify the user experience while managing the complex relationships and processes within their industry.

HR Challenges in Complex Industries

There are several challenges that organizations in complex industries face, for example, HR challenges in higher education. These challenges make it harder to maintain a successful HR solution, but Oracle HCM Cloud can help change that. Some of the challenges that HR faces in a complex industry include:

  • Skilled manufacturing labor shortages
  • An aging workforce
  • Turnover rates
  • Safe work conditions
  • Complex union contracts
  • Complex time management
  • Data privacy
  • Compliance
  • Lack of visibility due to multiple solutions

3 Key Drivers to Transform Your HR

There are three key drivers that push organizations to transform their HR solution. The power to enrich, simplify and thrive are three reasons that organizations begin to rethink how they handle HR and potentially start looking for a new solution to better meet their needs.

  • The power to enrich: Organization can transform their HR in a way that provides a flexible, configurable user experience that leaves users more satisfied.
  • The power to simplify: This gives organizations the ability to manage complex HR rules while ensuring a simple user experience.
  • The power to thrive: Businesses can achieve comprehensive employee engagement that allows their organization and employees to thrive at work.

Benefits of Transforming with Oracle HCM Cloud

By making the move to Oracle HCM Cloud, customers will start to see benefits like compliance, simplification and standardization, full visibility, and reduced costs—all challenges faced by HR professionals. A comprehensive HR service can provide support for not only local, but also industry compliance. Organizations can also simplify and standardize their HR experience by allowing a flexible configuration that creates a simple, unique experience for each user. Predictive analytics to support current decision making will help organizations gain full visibility into today and tomorrow. Finally, costs can be reduced by reducing implementation costs with native solutions and minimizing day-to-day activities with rules-driven processing.

Some of the features included in Oracle HCM Cloud that can help manage a complex industry or labor relations include Recruiting, Position Management, Collective Agreements, Seniority Rules, Grade Step Progression, Absence Management, Time and Labor, Health and Safety, and HR Help Desk.

Improve Recruiting with Oracle Recruiting Cloud

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a comprehensive feature set that is available today. Recruiting has been reimagined and redesigned to be more talent aware, data-driven and candidate-centric. This will help organizations more effectively attract skilled labor that can benefit their business. Some of Oracle Recruiting Cloud’s key features include a compelling candidate experience, robust sourcing, comprehensive recruiting, suite experience, and innovative design.

Simplify User Experience with Oracle Global HR Cloud

Oracle Global HR Cloud (part of Oracle HCM Cloud) can help businesses get a complete picture of their organization. There are several key features within Oracle Global HR Cloud that can benefit organizations in complex industries. Position Management, Grade Step Progression, Absence Management, and Time and Labor can help organizations manage their workforce effectively while providing users with a simplified user experience. 

Position Management

The four key capabilities of Position Management include managing positions, optimizing organization management, position control, and position budgeting. With this feature, you can create and manage position hierarchies. This lets you manage the various positions across the management hierarchy. Position Management also allows you to view open positions with or without a requisition.

Automated Grade Step Progression

Grade Step Progression allows you to progress workers automatically from one grade/step to the next. It is based on configurable business rules and defined criteria. Criteria for progression can be date-based (i.e. seniority) or activity-based (i.e. hours worked).

Absence Management

There are three key benefits of Oracle Absence Management. These benefits include simplifying compliance, standardizing time off processes, and intuitive self-service. Oracle Absence Management provides users with a flexible and structured absence framework, the ability to automate absence eligibility for HR events, and the ability to monitor absence costs and trends in productivity.

Time and Labor

Oracle Time and Labor allows customers to control costs, improve productivity, and simplify compliance. You can view and manage employees’ shifts with simplicity, simplify both global and local compliance, and analyze productivity, labor spend, overtime and more.

Workforce Health and Safety

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety provides capabilities that help organizations simplify incident reporting, capture critical event information, manage risk, drive a response, increase awareness, and ensure rapid adoption. The easy-to-use User Interface helps engage employees in a simple, quick process to capture more events earlier. These capabilities can help Health and Safety professionals rapidly assess and respond, which will reduce impact and cost within your organization.

HR Help Desk

HR Help Desk (HRHD) is a full case management solution that ensures appropriate case assignment. It helps ensure a simplified user experience for all users, both employees and managers. Some of the benefits of HRHD include secure social collaboration, data privacy with secure case management, embedded knowledge, and automated action plans.


How Oracle HCM Cloud Helps Address Key HR Challenges