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INFOCUS 20: Ask Me Anything About JD Edwards Tools & Technology


During INFOCUS 20, attendees were given the opportunity to join several “Ask Me Anything” sessions and ask JD Edwards experts questions about Applications, Tools, and various hot topics. The 30-minute “Ask Me Anything About JD Edwards Tools and Technology” session hosted Oracle experts, including:

  • Paul Houtkooper, Oracle
  • Jeff Erickson, Oracle

Are there any JD Edwards versions coming up with advanced features?

This is a two-part answer. JDE has recently adopted a Continuous Delivery model that provides updates throughout the year. Because you use 9.2 for a code line, you can more easily access the updated and advanced features without upgrading.

When did Tools 9.2.4 get delivered?

It was delivered in the summer of 2020.

How do we see the CNC or System Admin Role changing over the years?

This is a great question because it is something that we have been working on for the last decade. We are definitely changing what a System Admin does and are making it where a System Admin is much more proactive rather than reactive. We are continuing to deliver things to automate processes so that the admins aren’t doing repetitive activities. We are seeing the role of a System Admin being more of a partnership with the business and less package builds and customizations.

Will updates always be 64-bit?

After the release of 9.2.5, all updates will only be available in 64-bit.

What are virtual batch keys?

Go back and listen to Clayton and John Holder’s session from the previous day (Elastic Batch Management with Virtual Batch Queues). They did a phenomenal presentation explaining this. It is available in 9.2.5.

Besides using Orchestrator, is it possible to have the JDE Scheduler Jobs delivered to individual users and the admin?

Use Orchestrator to see how you can higher schedule those jobs. Also, look at the PUM for solutions to how to get output out of JD Edwards and sent to different users.

Is there any roadmap for Autonomous JDE self-healing?

We do have a plan for the future in regard to the Project Manager.

When will 64-bit be available for AIX?

It will be available when 9.2.5 comes out.

What is the current and future status for browsers like Edge, Chrome, etc.?

This is a great example of Continuous Adoption. The browsers are coming out every six weeks or so, and that is more frequently than we send out updates. Tools 9.2.5 will be supported with Edge. We are accelerating our browser adoption because, unfortunately, it is leading to more adoption these days. We highly recommend getting a plan in place to manage the browsers.

Is there any chance of getting a scaled-down Service Manager for developers?

We are looking at this. Definitely want to add this to our backlog.

Are there any resources for learning Groovy Script?

From a Groovy point of view, that isn’t a JDE product.  It is a common skill set to learn. You could contact Groovy to obtain education on that topic or you could also look into competitors’ products.

Are you looking at periodically stabilizing releases?

We have made it to where you can put down the Java components such as Orchestrator, HTML server, etc. without having to uplift your foundation code at the Enterprise Server level. We made that change over a year ago.

What is your plan for embedded BIP?

This is a great question. These are some of our tech requests on our backlog that we are looking at. We are looking at how we can coordinate some of these capabilities with improvement across the board.

Can you provide me more information about WebLogic Server?

In general, JD Edwards Tools doesn’t include WebLogic Server. Talk to your account representative about this.

Are there any plans to automate technical documentation?

There was a session addressing this, but you can also provide feedback to help us improve.

Is there any plan for OLE for media objects?

Yes, there is. We currently have a project taking place to see how we can improve interaction of all browsers across the board.

Can we leverage this virtual setting moving forward?

Yes, we plan on looking into it.

What recommendations do you have in regard to security?

We highly recommend that you stay up to date on Tools Updates. That is where we uplift security.

To hear more, check out the Ask Me Anything presentations from INFOCUS 20 attached below.

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INFOCUS 20: Ask Me Anything About JD Edwards Tools & Technology