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At INFOCUS, JD Edwards users of all levels can dig into new releases, dive deep into practical learning, get new ideas from best practices and hone their JD Edwards skills.

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This year’s conference focuses on:

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INFOCUS 22 Hot Topics

Release 23

Release 23 is your Digital ERP release, delivering innovation that automates, optimizes, and transforms business processes and represents Oracle’s continued investment that furthers customer’s digital transformation.


EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is becoming the communications backbone for your connected systems. It can help you rethink your entire JD Edwards integration strategy. The Orchestrator uses the same technology that drives JD Edwards Mobile Applications and UX One – the AIS Server – to expose the functionality built into JD Edwards applications. Learn how you can create orchestrations to help your organization eliminate time consuming and error prone manual processes as well as learn how Orchestrator Studio enables business analysts to create, test, and deploy orchestrations without having to understand the complexity of the underlying code required for processing orchestrations.

UX One

A powerful tool, UX One is the latest advancement to provide an innovative user experience that enables users to perform their job more efficiently. With role-based solutions and personalization options, UX One can help transform the user experiences. Join us to learn about creating re-usable templates to support “Alert, Analyze, Act” paradigm, how this tool will provide a visual representations of business process, how to implement the capabilities and provide a customizable user experience so users can work the way they want.

Personalizations / Extensibility

EnterpriseOne personalization options, you can create your own experience to meet the user interface business requirements, without any customizations. Extensibility provides your with more capabilities so that you can optimize your JD Edwards features without adding heavy customizations.

Continuous Adoption

Frequent enhancements, adoptions and more to get the most out of your JD Edwards without having the costly major upgrades. These changes come in a shorter time frame and easier to implement.

Business Process Automation

Using the building blocks of JD Edwards Enterprise One technologies to secure the best gateway to your business transformation.

INFOCUS 22 Education Tracks

Manufacturing and Distribution

Attendees will learn about synchronizing end-to-end processes including demand and supply management, shop floor and inventory operations, and quality, logistics and customer service.

Real Estate

Learn how to functionally use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to streamline real estate and lease management functionalities that take you throughout the entire lifecycle.

Applicable to All

Find solutions that will cover your entire JD Edwards experience. Attendees will explore the overall aspects of their JD Edwards software, learn how to optimize usability and modernize to achieve more.

Tools & Technology

Attendees will learn how infrastructure tools help easily install, update, manage and get the most from JD Edwards applications.

Human Capital Management

Presentations explore how the products of human resource management, payroll, self-services and time and labor can streamline users’ HCM strategy.


Presenters will dive into accounts payable, accounts receivable, advanced cost accounting, expense management, fixed asset accounting, general ledgers, OneView Reporting and more to help extend companies’ return on investment.

Enterprise Asset Management

Acquire knowledge to maximize profitability and get the best out of your investments. Learn how to manage equipment maintenance applications and discover new ways to make work easier.

Sample Abstracts

Abstract 1

Real world examples of how Dutch Valley Foods used these features to give us what we need. Being able to add new fields or only show fields our users need available.


  • Obj 1: Learn how to create/update/share these features within JDE.
  • Obj 2: The ease of use of these features compared to using the development tools.
  • Obj 3: Showcase of these features were used and successful for Dutch Valley Foods.

Abstract 2

We will discuss powerhouse behind the Certified Payroll function in JD Edwards. What is Certified Payroll? Why would our company need that? Most out-of-the-box payroll software doesn’t even know how to produce a certified payroll report, but JDE sure can. Learn how the complex cost coding and accounting in JDE payroll entry can save headaches and time spent when a local/state/federal contract requires certified payroll reporting.


  • Obj 1: We will be sharing a basic level of understanding of what a certified payroll report is. Tricks on how to make the most complex request of data within the certified payroll application will be shared.
  • Obj 2: Does your employee work multiple jobs in one week but only one job is required to report certified payroll to a government entity? JDE has the answer because the time and labor all is coded at the project level!
  • Obj 3: This presentation will show the user how to extract JDE data to use for applications related to certified payroll such as CRL, LCP Tracker, etc. to help in the preparation and execution of entering processing of the payroll application in E1.

Abstract 3

You set up JDE security during implementation. Maybe you even bought a 3rd party tool to help manage your JDE security. Now, years after implementation, you wonder how well your security is working. Did you get it all right? In this session, we will look at using the Object Tracking tool to help answer one nagging question. Can I lock things down even further?


  • Obj 1: Quick Review of Object Tracking configuration
  • Obj 2: Present a process to identify unused security in JDE roles.
  • Obj 3: Share LSB Industries’ experience using this process.


Benefits of presenting at INFOCUS

As an accepted primary presenter at INFOCUS, you’ll earn these exciting benefits:

Primary Customer Speakers: You will receive complimentary full-conference registration valid October 24 – 27, 2022 including access to all breakout sessions, keynotes, and official networking events once you have accepted the session and submitted in your session materials.

Primary Exhibiting or Sponsoring Vendor Speakers: You will receive complimentary full-conference registration valid October 24 – 27, 2022, including access to all breakout sessions, keynotes and official networking events once you have accepted the session and submitted in your session materials.

  • Your company must have a signed contract submitted for October 24 – 27, 2022 in order to be considered an Exhibiting/Sponsoring Vendor. ​
  • Please note: Vendors may only attend INFOCUS if they have a 2022 membership with Quest and if they are sponsoring and/or exhibiting at INFOCUS.​

Non-Exhibitor/Sponsor Vendor Speakers: You will not be able to present/participate in INFOCUS. If you are interested in speaking/participating please reach out to Michael Marks

All speakers will receive:

  • A profile in the Speakers section of the agenda builder and networking platform, through which supplementary materials can be shared.

Speaker Designations

  • Customer Speakers – individuals who work for a company/organization that utilizes at least one (1) Oracle product or service in a business capacity, and does not re-sell services, support, Oracle products or complimentary products to its customers.
  • Vendor Speakers – individuals who work for a company that sells products, services, support or other complimentary offerings to Oracle products or services.
  • Primary Speakers – the lead presenter listed in the session information. Please note, there can only be one primary speaker per presentation.

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