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INFOCUS 20 Hot Topics: Session Highlights


Whether you’re interested in Enterprise Asset Management, Development, Financials, Human Capital Management, Manufacturing and Distribution, Real Estate, Supply Chain Management, or Technology, we’ve got something for you at INFOCUS 20! Check out these sessions below that capture some of the INFOCUS 20 hot topics.

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INFOCUS 20 Hot Topics

Enjoy education and networking around these hot topics at INFOCUS 20:


Attendees will get a look at the simplified upgrade process, advanced job forecasting, One View Financial statements, revenue recognition, outbound inventory management, and more new features.

How to Upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2 in Week

Presented by Clayton Seeley, Oracle

Session ID: 104400

Virtual JD Edwards Upgrade Workshop

Presented by Tom Gabriele, GSI

Session ID: 103860

Upgrade JDE 9.2: Quicker, Faster and More Predictable!! 3 Clients Talk About Their Upgrade to 9.

Presented by Jason Batte, Terillium, Inc.

Session ID: 102890

What’s Next? Upgrading to JDE 9.2

Presented by Mohammad Shujaat, Grant Thornton LLP

Session ID: 100350

JD Edwards on the Cloud

Presentations will provide answers to questions about how the cloud can maximize your company’s JD Edwards investment.

Adopting a Cloud Strategy for EnterpriseOne? Why Lift & Shift When You Can Move & Improve?

Presented by David Willis, Syntax

Session ID: 102480

How Clearwater Saved Money By Upgrading to JDE 9.2 and Migrating to OCI

Presented by Gazel Tan, Velocity Technology Solutions Inc., and Ben Johnson, Clearwater Paper

Session ID: 103620

Extend and Modernize JD Edwards with Oracle Cloud

Presented by Neil Pugh, Oracle

Session ID: 103970

JD Edwards Strategy and Vision

Presented by Paul Houtkooper, Jeff Erickson, and Keith Sholes, Oracle

Session ID: 104100

The Future of ERP – Navigating the Cloud

Presented by Angela Enyeart, Oracle

Session ID: 104130


Attendees will learn how to control permissions for individuals and groups of users. Secure objects such as applications, forms, rows, tabs, and more.

Hidden Security and Compliance Gems

Presented by Linda Nelson, ALLOut Security

Session ID: 100780

Orchestrator & UDO’s: Best Practices and Practical Advice for Security

Presented by Brian Connor and Elena Teytelman, GSI

Session ID: 103780

JDE E1 Technology SIG Security Round Table

Presented by Linda Nelson, ALLOut Security, and Gustavo Barion, Innova9

Session ID: 101050

JDE Security Automation Using Orchestrator

Presented by David Ruprecht, Syntax

Session ID: 103490

JD Edwards World

Sessions will explore how you can share information, boost performance, trim costs, and drive profitable growth on your World platform.

World to E1 Migration – Its Never Too Late

Presented by Amitava Samanta, Birlasoft

Session ID: 102660

Back to the Future: Direct World Migration to E1 9.2 and Beyond

Presented by Christopher Haraf and Ray Santos, Terillium, Inc.

Session ID: 102750

Upgrading from World to EnterpriseOne 9.2 – A Technical Perspective

Presented by Jeff Copper, C&A Technology LLC

Session ID: 101510

Upgrade to E1 Without Giving Up the World

Presented by Seth Chaikin, Grant Thornton LLP

Session ID: 100380


EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is becoming the communications backbone for your connected systems. It can help you rethink your entire JD Edwards integration strategy. The Orchestrator uses the same technology that drives JD Edwards Mobile Applications and UX One – the AIS Server – to expose the functionality built into JD Edwards applications. Learn how you can create orchestrations to help your organization eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes as well as learn how Orchestrator Studio enables business analysts to create, test, and deploy orchestrations without having to understand the complexity of the underlying code required for processing orchestrations.

Ask Me Anything About JD Edwards Orchestrator

Presented by A.J. Schifano and Darryl Shakespeare, Oracle

Session ID: 103940

Debugging Orchestrations

Presented by Aaron Johnson, Oracle

Session ID: 104200

Orchestrator Product Updates from Engineering

Presented by A.J. Schifano and Darryl Shakespeare, Oracle

Session ID: 104180

9.2 Ways to Use Orchestrator for System Admin Functions

Presented by Tonio Thomas, Circular Edge

Session ID: 100940

The Steps to JD Edwards Orchestrator

Presented by Dwight Moore, Grant Thornton LLP

Session ID: 100320

Build Your Portfolio of Orchestrator Use Cases

Presented by Larry Furino, ACBM Solutions

Session ID: 100220

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INFOCUS 20 Hot Topics: Session Highlights