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JD Edwards Extensibility Framework: Eliminating Customizations

The JD Edwards Extensibility Framework exists to help you simplify and streamline your daily tasks.

JD Edwards Extensibility Framework: Eliminating Customizations

Executive Summary 

If you could cure the traditional headaches of JD Edwards customization—long development cycles, weighty resources, and tedious work that seems to go on forever—you would, wouldn’t you? 

If you answered yes, you’re in luck. The JD Edwards Extensibility Framework exists to help you simplify and streamline your daily tasks. Whether you’re a business analyst tired of feeling bogged down by the technical aspects of your role or a technical whiz wishing for more time in your day, you can release daily work pressures with the Extensibility Framework. 

When you begin using the Extensibility Framework, you’ll be empowered to: 

  • Reduce development time from weeks to hours 
  • Accomplish more (despite not having technical skill sets) 
  • Reduce maintenance costs across the organization 
  • Ease continuous adoptions for customers 
  • Cut down on IT dependency 
  • And utilize functions that aren’t possible in the traditional development client 

In a nutshell, you’ll embed automation, optimize productivity, and transform output with low code/no code tools. 

As you begin using the Extensibility Framework, you’ll benefit from a continuous stream of enhancements. For instance, Release 23 brought the following advances in form extensions, logic extensions, and integration. 

  • Form Extensions 
  • Enable or disable fields 
  • File as input for orchestrations launched from a form extension to an orchestration or logic extension 
  • Logic Extensions 
  • Nested logic extensions 
  • Form control extensions 
  • Data set processing 
  • Aggregation 
  • Integration 
  • Support for grid data export and import with cloud-based productivity tools 

Beyond Release 23, you can look forward to: 

  • Watchlist badges on EnterpriseOne Page Tiles 
  • Links between EnterpriseOne Pages 
  • Logic Extension Assertions 
  • Industry-Standard Workflow 
  • Jet Development Framework 
  • Data Extensibility 

Quick Tips & Tricks 

Let’s look at some practical applications of the Extensibility Framework. 

To begin with, you can use this tool to launch orchestrations from a single page. These orchestrations may help you . . . 

  • Automate the business processes 
  • Simplify the navigation 
  • Improve the end user productivity (example below) 
  • Take array as input 
  • Take file as input 
  • Download the Orchestration file output 

Consider the impact of the Extensibility Framework in the following scenario: To check the availability of a backorder from one of your critical customers, you need to navigate to multiple forms and painstakingly search for the item availability. With the Extensibility Framework, you can automate this business process to find the form using an orchestration and call the same orchestrations from an E1 page. You can enable only the required input fields (like item number) in an E1 Page Design Mode and save. Once it’s saved as an orchestration tile on the E1 page, the user can now click on that tile and enter only the item number to check availability—no need to navigate to multiple forms.  

After this update, checking item availability takes only a few seconds instead of valuable minutes, the navigation is simpler, and the end user is more productive. 

Additionally, the Extensibility Framework empowers you with form extensions that can add extra logic to manipulate the data. These form extensions equip you to:  

  • Enable the associate description on form controls and grid columns 
  • Mark input field (Read Only) on update forms 
  • Make columns editable on the edit grid 
  • Change numbers of rows in the grid 
  • Call logic extensions directly 
  • Add free-form input when calling orchestrations 
  • Take array as input 

Plus, new improvements to Form Extensions enable you to: 

  • Pass application version as orchestration/notifications/logic extension input 
  • Disable and enable form controls 
  • Use files as Orchestration Input 
  • Download the Orchestration file output 

Additionally, recent Logic Extensions enhancements cover: 

  • Conditional logic and looping: If/Else If/Else and While 
  • Assignments 
  • Operations such as string manipulation, arithmetic calculations, and Date/UTime functions 
  • Table I/O 
  • Business function 
  • Report interconnect 
  • Boolean datatype 
  • Starting a workflow process 
  • Dataset processing 
  • Aggregation 
  • Nested logic extensions 
  • Form control functions 
  • Enable/Disable form controls 
  • Show/Hide form controls 
  • Map controls on the form to the logic extension 

To watch a demo of the Extensibility Framework, go to timestamp 25:30 in this video.

Key Takeaways 

The JD Edwards Extensibility Framework is more than just a tool—it’s a mindset shift.  

As you begin using this powerful framework, you’ll love the way it: 

  • Gives you control over your EnterpriseOne user interface 
  • Does not require traditional development and deployment tools 
  • Does not require developer skills 
  • Gives you capabilities beyond traditional customizations 

In summation, the Extensibility Framework is key if you want to make technical tasks more approachable for business analysts or cut down daily to-dos for your technical aces.  

To learn more about the JD Edwards Extensibility Framework from leaders on the Oracle JD Edwards product team, watch the full recording of the BLUEPRINT 4D session: JD Edwards Extensibility Framework: Eliminating the Need for Customizations.

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JD Edwards Extensibility Framework: Eliminating Customizations