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Meet the INFOCUS 22 Speakers: AJ Schifano

JD Edwards INFOCUS takes place online October 24th – 27th, 2022. In this blog series, we interview key speakers to get a taste of the content they’ll be sharing and hear what they’re most excited about.

This week we caught up with AJ Schifano, JD Edwards product manager, to get his thoughts on the upcoming event:

Can you tell us a bit about what you’ll be sharing in your upcoming INFOCUS presentation(s)?
Well, once again, I may have overcommitted myself. The JD Edwards team is coming with 12 sessions related to digital transformation, and I’m personally involved in six of them. We’ll review product enhancements from the past year, and we have some new ones to tell you about in our latest release. We will host customer panels to get real-world perspectives on challenges and success. And we will show some demos, hopefully to inspire some ingenuity on putting the JD Edwards digital platform to good use. We just can’t keep quiet about this stuff, and apparently neither can the JD Edwards community: by my count I see 42 sessions that refer to “Orchestrator,” and you might hear me use that word a few times myself throughout the week. I’m really looking forward to a content-packed week.

What other hot topics or challenges do you anticipate digging into with JD Edwards customers?
In my role as product manager I really enjoy the aspect of being fluid in time: past, present, and future. I love hearing stories from the recent past about what customers and partners have been able to accomplish. I love being in the present moment—moments like the Tech SIG, customer panels, and demos—where you can just see the light bulb go off: “Wait a minute! Does that mean I can…? That changes everything!” And then there’s the future: the Next Big Thing. That’s usually the hot topic. To a certain extent it is my role, my duty, as a product manager not just to imagine the Next Big Thing, but also to build a product roadmap that brings it to fruition. So I look forward to digging in with JD Edwards customers and partners to discuss what the future holds for us, and how we get there.

What are some other sessions you’re looking forward to attending, and why?
For most of my career with JD Edwards I have been involved on the technology side of things—and I say “technology” to differentiate from any specific application domain. But that’s not fair; there shouldn’t be “sides.” Technology has no purpose until it can be put to use—applied—in some practical application. So if time permits I’m hoping to go crash in on some application sessions, maybe some SIG meetings, to see if and how our technology tools are impacting the various application teams. And looking at the session agenda, I also see some compelling abstracts about what our customers are doing with big data, workflow, integrations and running JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud. Yes, it’s a virtual conference, but I’m clearing my entire week to pack in as much as I can. What I lack in steps I’ll make up for in clicks 😊.


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Meet the INFOCUS 22 Speakers: AJ Schifano