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How Oracle EPM Cloud Helps Montefiore Save Lives

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Montefiore made the move to Oracle EPM Cloud to reconcile their financial reporting challenges. Montefiore Health System is an academic health system located in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. Over the years, it has also expanded in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley. It consists of 11 hospitals, a primary and specialty care network of more than 180 locations across Westchester County, the lower Hudson Valley and the Bronx, an extended care facility, the Montefiore School of Nursing, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Why Montefiore Chose Oracle EPM Cloud

Maralyn Miner, the Director of Finance at Montefiore, pointed out that as Montefiore grew exponentially over the past several years, there were many financial reporting challenges throughout the organization. That’s when Montefiore decided to look to Oracle for help building a consolidation system in the Cloud. It was important for Montefiore to find a solution that would bring them into the 21st century without breaking their budget, and they knew that EPM in the Cloud was becoming the new status quo. They needed an integrated solution between financial close consolidations, account reconciliations for visibility and standardization, and narrative reporting.

Oracle EPM Cloud was the only platform that had a unified solution that allowed Montefiore to get everything they needed in one suite.

At the end of the day, if the finance department can provide financial data that is accurate and that’s coming from the single source of truth, ultimately it will lead to Montefiore’s senior leaders and clinical departments making the best, informed decisions. That’s where Oracle EPM Cloud comes in. When clinical leaders can make these better, informed decisions, Montefiore can make a difference and change patients’ lives.

For more information about how Montefiore leverage Oracle EPM Cloud, check out the full video attached below or visit www.oracle.com/epm-cloud.

How Oracle EPM Cloud Helps Montefiore Save Lives