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Oracle Cloud Case Study: How the LA Lakers Rebuilt a Dynasty

Statue of a Lakers player outside of Staples Center

Los Angeles Lakers Controller, A.J. Harris, helped us create this Oracle Cloud case study by sharing how the Lakers utilized Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud to support the organization during a period when they were facing significant growth.

Why the LA Lakers Moved to Oracle Cloud

The LA Lakers decided to use Oracle ERP Cloud shortly after Harris joined the team. They realized that their legacy system couldn’t support them through the growth phase that they were in. They knew that it was time to move to a Cloud platform that had Financials, Fixed Assets, and a BI tool in the EPM system that could assist them in building out their departments—including the basketball team.

Key Metrics for the LA Lakers

The metrics that are reported to Lakers executives include:

  • Season ticket member retention
  • Fan experience
  • Sponsor engagement
  • Social media investment

These metrics are all key items that the Lakers review and analyze every season to ensure that, as a team and a franchise, they are not only delivering a quality product but also understanding, maintaining, and keeping in touch with the fanbase.

What the LA Lakers Are Excited For

The LA Lakers are also excited about leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the possibilities that they provide for the Lakers Finance department. Currently, their month-end and quarter-end close can take up to four weeks. Harris is excited to create a touchless close process so the Lakers can reduce the amount of time it takes to post manual recurring entries, prepare account reconciliations, and audit schedules. You can learn more about the journey of AI in finance here.

Benefits of Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud

One of the benefits of consolidating the HR and Finance functions to a single platform is the ability to attract and retain top talent. The LA Lakers currently have secure employee information on multiple systems. They want to consolidate that information to a single system of record and have secure controls in place.

Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud allow the LA Lakers to grow on a single platform and provide executives with real-time reporting for revenue and KPIs—information that executives want information on day-to-day, game-to-game, and throughout the season.

To learn more about this Oracle Cloud case study, check out the full video about how the LA Lakers leveraged Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud to rebuild their dynasty, attached below. You can also visit www.oracle.com/futureyou for more information.

Oracle Cloud Case Study: How the LA Lakers Rebuilt a Dynasty