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Oracle JD Edwards Community Survey

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

Quest’s annual Oracle JD Edwards Community Survey was sent out to JD Edwards users in the Quest community to learn more about how they are utilizing their JD Edwards solutions. The survey received 850 respondents from companies throughout the community. Respondents came from companies of different sizes, industries, and global reach.

At A Glance

To set the stage, let’s start with a little background information about what systems the respondents are running. Of the 850 respondents, 91 percent are running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The other nine percent are running JD Edwards World.

Results showed that 43 percent of respondents are on version 9.2, another 40 percent are running on 9.1, and the other 18 percent are on a version that is older the 9.1. Only 26 percent of respondents were on 9.2 at the time of the Community Survey in 2017, and 25 percent were on a version older than 9.1 in 2017. Of the respondents that are on version 9.1 or older, 77 percent reported that they are planning to upgrade to 9.2. A majority of respondents, 46.2 percent, are on Tools release 9.2.

Results of Note


Which of the following JD Edwards products do you use? Select all that apply.

As you can see, the three most frequently used products include Financial Management, Order Management, and Manufacturing Management.


Are you currently using Orchestrator?

Only 5 percent of respondents reported that they are currently using Orchestrator. However, 57 percent of the respondents who are not currently using Orchestrator said that they are planning to use it in the future.



Which of the following UX One features are you currently using? Select all that apply.

Of the respondents who indicated that they are using EnterpriseOne 9.2, 39 percent said that they are currently utilizing UX One. As you can see, EnterpriseOne Pages are ranked as the most popular UX features among JD Edwards customers. CafeOne is ranked close behind, with less than a 10 percent difference between the two. Watchlists and Personalized Forms are also among the popular features within UX One. Of the respondents who reported that they did not currently utilize UX One, 55 percent said that they were planning to in the future.


Is your organization considering (or currently) running JD Edwards in the Cloud?

While 10 percent of respondents currently running JD Edwards in the Cloud may seem like a small number, that is a big improvement over 2017 when nobody was. An additional 21 percent are considering moving their JD Edwards to the Cloud. Those who reported that they are not considering the move to Cloud cited cost, control, security concerns and transitioning to Cloud applications as their main reasons.


Out of the 10 percent who are running their JD Edwards in the Cloud, 37 percent are doing so on Oracle Public Cloud. Others are running on Amazon Web Services, third-party hosting providers, Microsoft Azure or other Cloud providers.


More Information


For more information about where JD Edwards customers are at on their journeys, check out the full report from the 2018 Oracle JD Edwards Community Survey.


Oracle JD Edwards Community Survey