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PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Panel: Customer Poll Results

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

One of the benefits of getting customers together at conferences is the sharing of knowledge and experiences that takes place. In our customer panel on Fluid User Interface at RECONNECT 18, we took advantage of having so many PeopleSoft users in one place by administering a quick poll to see where everyone in the audience was at regarding implementing Fluid in their PeopleSoft environments. Here are the results from that survey:

What is your organization’s current status with Fluid in your production environment?



Seventy-eight percent of those in attendance said they were either planning to deploy, had started deploying or had already deployed Fluid. This reflects the high adoption rate of Fluid we see across the PeopleSoft community.

What benefit or characteristic of Fluid is the most important to your organization?



Panel attendees overwhelmingly voted mobile capabilities as the number one benefit that Fluid gives their organization, with the new look and feel to the interface coming in at number two. This should come as no surprise, as the trend for companies to enable a more mobile workforce continues to grow.

Share your company’s experience with where it is at in its implementation of Fluid by contributing your feedback to our poll here.


To hear more about a customer’s journey with Fluid, check out Hennepin County’s Fluid Story, Presented at COLLABORATE 18, a member-only benefit.