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Tuned For Digital Transformation: Part Two

JD Edwards yields tangible results for customers

A Q&A with Dawn Baker, Vice President of Product Development, Oracle

Q: You’ve had several interactions with customers in 2016. Are there common themes that show the strength and innovation of the thriving JD Edwards community?

A: Our JD Edwards community represents a wide range of industries from mining and manufacturing to services and retail, but all have one common challenge – they are all impacted in some way by digital business disruption. Increasingly, and especially over this past year, many have been realizing the need to drive innovation to stay competitive, optimize their operations, and find strategic opportunities in this new business environment. Having the right platform for innovation matters and can help make the difference when transforming current processes, optimizing every segment in the value chain, and ultimately keeping your employees and customers happy.

Solutions from Oracle and JD Edwards can help you build a holistic, scalable innovation platform that tightly integrates connectivity, security, automation, and analytics for true digital business transformation.

Q: How are customers utilizing the concept of Citizen Developer in their business?

A: Within the JD Edwards community, we talk about citizen developers as anyone outside of traditional IT development across the partner and customer ecosystem, who is enabled by a continuum of simple, yet powerful capabilities to personalize, augment and extend JD Edwards solutions. These citizen developer tools have the potential to enable a whole new community of business solution developers to address some long-neglected problems in the enterprise.

With our User-Defined Object capabilities, these low-code and no-code solutions can also be managed with the integrity of standard lifecycle management processes.

Spray Equipment is one of our Citizen Developer success stories. Operating on Release 9.1, Spray Equipment has been working with features like Cafe One to meet users’ needs.

For example, they use a BI exception report on a CafeOne layout for real-time review of open sales orders. With one click, the purchaser is redirected to a new JD Edwards form for all related purchase orders — an example of personalizing a solution to get information directly to the right users and streamlining navigation so they can take immediate action.

Q: How have customers leveraged a hybrid cloud model?

A: Hybrid cloud solutions deliver strategic advantage by giving JD Edwards’s customers and partners choice and control through on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments.

In addition to finding opportunities in hybrid infrastructure deployments in Oracle’s Public Cloud, customers are also capitalizing on choice and control by integrating Oracle PaaS technology offerings and running Oracle SaaS applications alongside their JD Edwards solutions.

Laser Technology Inc. is one of those customers. With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, they are able to keep close track of inventory and financials, ensuring that their build-to-order manufacturing process runs smoothly. Laser Technology Inc. chose Oracle Sales Cloud to run alongside EnterpriseOne: A seamless integration facilitating the flow of information between sales and the rest of the business. Because of continued growth, this customer brought in Oracle Sales Cloud capabilities to stay on top of their service and shipment processes. This hybrid model brings together the right mix of solutions enabling sales representatives to provide an optimal customer experience.

This is part two of Tuned for Digital Transformation. See part one here.

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Tuned For Digital Transformation: Part Two