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Day 1 Kick-Off with Oracle: Orchestrator

Presented at JD Edwards Week: Game Changers 23 

“How Orchestrator Has Changed the Game”
Is it fair to say that Orchestrator has been a disruptive force in the way we use our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne systems today? To say the least. In this session we will reflect on the number, scale, and breadth of innovations that have been made possible with Orchestrator. We will take a fresh look at where Orchestrator sits today, its current capabilities, and its recent enhancements. You might even say that Orchestrator has tipped the playing field—in your favor. It’s a game of speed. It’s a game of strength. It’s a game of numbers. It’s a game where you get to throw out the old rules and write new ones. But you can’t win if you don’t play.

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Day 1 Kick-Off with Oracle: Orchestrator