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Quest had the chance to speak with Bruce Bender, ERP System Administrator at Dutch Valley Foods, about the company’s upgrade to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is proving to be one of the most significant, transformational enhancements ever to be added to the JD Edwards product. It is a major driving force of the JD Edwards 9.2 Digital Platform. As part of Quest Experience Week (QXW) 2019, AJ Schifano, Oracle JD Edwards Product Manager, presented the latest Orchestrator enhancements. 

In Tools Release 9.2.4, with a 64-bit deployment server, the handling of specifications has changed. An ESU install with a 32-bit deployment server performs an automated specification merge for business view, tables, and batch specifications. An ESU install with a 64-bit deployment server will replace the specifications in the destination. 

A recent JD Edwards video covered how to leverage Orchestrator in order to transform how you use your EnterpriseOne system. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is a key component to your JD Edwards digital platform. Orchestrator changes how you use your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system and can transform the EnterpriseOne system from a transaction-based system of records into an ERP that provides a dynamic reflection of your real-time business operations, an ERP that participates in your business, and an ERP with a pulse.

Nov 15 @  12:30pm

If you are running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or JD Edwards World and are challenged with limited technical support, increasing labor and infrastructure costs, and evaluating a re-platform from IBM iSeries to Oracle - this webinar will answer many questions such as: - What is the state of JDE Running on iSeries? - What are some…

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Form Extensibility Framework is a powerful tool that allows users to extend EnterpriseOne business logic by associating and orchestration with a form or grid event in real-time without performing customizations. A recent JD Edwards video gave a tutorial of how to associate an orchestration with an event and call the orchestration to update grid column values. It also showed how the orchestration iterates over the selected grid rules when the orchestration is invoked. 

A recent Oracle video walked through how to configure JD Edwards EnterpriseOne base form security and restrict access to an EnterpriseOne base form so users can access only the personalized forms.

A recent Oracle video walked through how to call orchestration from forms without customizations in order to simplify business processes.

The Asset Scheduler UX One role is available for JD Edwards users. This role brings several benefits to users, including access to the associated UX One pages and components, tools for receiving alerts, analyzing data, and easy access to related programs that enable users to take action if required. 

On November 6, 2019, JD Edwards announced the release of EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2.4 (9.2 Update 4), which is jam-packed with customer-driven ERP enhancements. These enhancements aim to empower companies on their journey to becoming digital enterprises and provide companies transformative solutions to innovate in the digital economy.