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Planning projects is time consuming in addition to finding time to pull your staff way from current duties. Learn how Graniterock plans their annual Code Current project & leverages tools to assist with focus & testing on specific changes based on limited availability of business users for testing. We will explain how to stay code current with JDE annually to minimize effort but take advantage of the most current JDE tools & Application enhancements. In addition, we will discuss tools that allow focused effort only on programs you use in your organization by priority, as well as an automated test case generator with built-in functional & stress testing tools to assist your test staff during the project. 

Julie Morrison, Navisite

Come join us as we show what Hines has done using Orchestrator for applying payments that have been processed through VersaPay. Payment files are retrieved each day from an FTP site and orchestrator takes it from there and will create batches by company even though each payment file will have payments related to multiple companies. We are also able to process unapplied payments and can then re-apply those to open invoices. Tenants can also select open credit invoices to apply. Watch the versatility of Orchestrator and say goodbye to Z processes or dangerous SQL updates !!!!


You have implemented a great security solution and are now able to report on Sox compliance issues with ease.  But how can you easily track when new issues pop up? By utilizing ALLOut Security, you have great flexibility when it comes to compliance reporting.  Join GSI and ALLOut Security for an in-depth look at how you can take advantage of AOS and leverage the power of UDOs to create watchlists to monitor compliance.

During this session, you will learn:

How to automate your compliance reporting to limit the potential for issues to go weeks without being found.
See how to create watchlists and alerts over your Audit data to be alerted to compliance issues that need your attention.

• How to maximize the investment in your ALLOut Security tool to automatically identify critical issues that are unsolved.

Kyle Gray, GSI

A Syntax employee had a special vision.  She took action and connected with several other women in Syntax to develop the vision into reality.  This vision was to establish an organized platform to promote mentoring, idea-sharing, growth, and empowerment of the female Syntax workforce across all levels of the organization. Apart from supporting female tech thought leadership, WIT aims to gather insights into challenges that women face in our organization and the IT industry. WIT aims to identify solutions to overcome these barriers and become more successful together by empowering current and future female Syntax employees and leaving a positive impact on the organization.

JD Edwards; 9.2 Orchestrator and UDO functionality allows for IoT based integrations with best-in-class reporting/analytics solutions. In this session we will take a look at integrating Microsoft’s PowerBI with JD Edwards 9.2 using standard objects, and unleash the power of analytics using data models sourced from JDE table data.

Jordan Myers, Grant Thornton

The cyber threat business is no longer a solo gig. Industrious bad actors have even taken to offering ransomware-as-a-service solutions to advance the goals of lesser skilled buyers. Have your methods, skills, tools, and team doubled down in sync? How sure are you that your ERP data is well under wraps?
ERP Suites Executive Director, Paul Shearer, examines seven JD Edwards threat vectors you can't afford to overlook. Learn how to mitigate the exploits and secure your data against the swell of cybercriminal activity.

Paul Shearer, ERP Suites

Join us to learn about the simplification of batch management that we have introduced to ease UBE submissions, log tracking, default print queue setups, and job terminations.

John Holder, Oracle 

Security has always been a major concern for every organization while handling  data and its communication over the network. Learn how Oracle is continuing to secure your JD Edwards implementations with our latest security enhancements and best practices, and also get familiarized with our enhanced user security activities.

Pradip Pandey , Oracle

Did you know that you can view notifications and Work Center messages in a more modern web interface? Join us in this session to explore more!

Haiyan Wang, Oracle

Watson Land Company recently implemented a Third Party AP Automation solution to manage its vendor invoices and payments in a paperless environment. Learn how the end to end solution was designed from vendor invoice receipt through payment processing. Orchestrator was a critical tool leveraged for integration points to and from the JDE system including accessing the vendor invoice image from within JDE AP.

Matthew Marfice, Watson Land Company