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Often companies grow through mergers and acquisitions.  This can have IT organizations suddenly having to improve their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Architecture to support hundreds of additional users.   Learn how to architect your EnterpriseOne system for growth and high availability.

Allen Jacot, Syntax

Still on the fence about upgrading from World to EnterpriseOne? While there are numerous benefits for users, it still requires significant planning to be successful. There can be substantial change in all three areas (people, process, and technology) that will need to be addressed. If each is not given enough consideration, the results could be painful. Join us as we discuss a recent World to E1 upgrade projects, in hopes that it will prepare you for your upcoming project. We will discuss a recent case study in order to help provide more perspective. Some of the primary benefits were that it allowed the business the opportunity to redesign business processes, eliminate numerous software customizations that were not cost justified to maintain, redesign their entire security model, and automate several interfaces / manual processes thru utilizing the new Orchestrator capabilities. Join us as we discuss our recent upgrade experience in order to help prepare you for your journey! 

Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

This JDE E1 security round table will educate you on the new types of security that JDE provides to round out your infrastructure security plan.   An Oracle representative will be in attendance to help us discuss and list enhancement ideas for where the software may have holes.

Linda Nelson, ALLOut Security

Come to this session to see the newest JD Edwards innovation for the package build process. See how the entire package build process can be done from the web. Also, learn how these improvements enable you to automate the package build process.

Shawn Martine, Oracle

Not all requirements can be covered with the JD Edwards extensibility frameworks. For those scenarios that still require customizations, JD Edwards has greatly simplified the deployment and management of the development client. This session will detail these improvements.

Jason Rice, Oracle

As the entire industry is inclined toward a low-code/no-code approach, we at JD Edwards are also aligned with this approach. With our extensibility and personalization frameworks, users can now make changes on the glass rather than going to the development client to make code-level changes. Do you have any questions related to extensibility frameworks? Join this session to get your questions answered from our panel of experts.

Oruganti Naga Srihari, Oracle

Integrating your JD Edwards environment with other systems can be a challenge, but in a connected world, it’s necessary to have real-time communication between internal and external systems. Join us as we walk through integrations with JDE. We will discuss use-cases of different types of integrations and how they can streamline your enterprise systems. We will also discuss the limitations of different types of integrations to provide you with a better understanding when selecting which to use. We will also be covering how the JDE Orchestrator and AIS server can serve as an effective integration platform, and take your integrations to the next level. 

Mohammed Shujaat, Grant Thornton LLP

Drive productivity with Deep Collaboration...discover the power of User Defined Objects (UDO) and how they can shape The Future of Work.

Learn how we use the Form Extension Framework and Notifications to set up any Approval workflow and this without effort.

And see how you can make your Orchestrations available inside MS Teams, MS Outlook, Slack, Whatsapp Business and other team collaboration tools. To simplify your workflows, easily share data across your organization and unlock the power of Oracle JD Edwards from the comfort of your in-house collaboration tools to collaborate smarter together, drive automation and get more work done.

Jan Hox, Hight.io

Consumers are exposed to AI every day. From Netflix recommendations to Google Maps routes, these uncannily accurate predictions are powered by machine learning algorithms and predictive models. This type of analytics can help companies run their businesses better, too. To address this need, an innovative trend called augmented analytics has emerged to extend human intuition with computer-generated, data-driven insights. This new paradigm uses automated machine-learning algorithms and models to augment human intelligence throughout the full data analysis and decision-making process. Learn how leading BI tools incorporate built-in machine learning capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards. In this demo-filled glimpse into the future of analytics, we will illustrate some of the unbiased insights that can be gained from a common JDE infrastructure with AI-enabled advanced analytics, natural-language query and generation, and smart data visualization. 

David Kettinger, Preferred Strategies

Do you always rely on your IT team for new user ID creations and role assignments?  Join us in this session to see how we have simplified the JD Edwards user and role management with orchestrations in our Oracle JD Edwards internal operations.

Javeed Patan, Oracle