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Oct 7 @  11:00am

  Want an in-depth look at the tools helping COOs and CFOs and their teams navigate change and move forward? Register to see Oracle Cloud in action. Click below for details on live and on-demand sessions. Finance Sessions: https://go.oracle.com/LP=98330?elqCampaignId=262450&src1=:ex:pw::::Quest&SC=:ex:pw::::Quest&pcode=WWMK200804P00209 Navigate a Crisis with Scenario Planning- October 7th at 11 AM ET  Improve Forecasting to Optimize Cash…

Sep 23 @  11:00am

Join us for a webinar on Automation tools for implementation and adoption of new features in Oracle Cloud. In this session, we will cover a range of topics covering tools to automate implementation activities like Data migration, Testing, the retention of legacy data using Hexaware’s archival solution to staying current with Oracle’s quarterly updates. The…

Sep 16 @  2:00pm

Advances in automation are redefining how companies operate — creating new efficiencies and maximizing systems already in place like Oracle® E-Business Suite and ERP solutions. By utilizing tech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), companies are experiencing benefits they can take straight to the bank. But when it comes to digital…

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, ATCO (Alberta Trailer Company) Group's Ella Kulyk gave a presentation on Oracle Cloud Security from the customer perspective.

Aug 13 @  12:00pm

Since 1887, media powerhouse Hearst Communications has grown to more than 360 business units and 20,000 employees worldwide. With a 25-year-old legacy environment, the company lacked transparency across the organization and needed a better way to leverage critical financial and human capital data. Hearst laid a foundation for business transformation by embracing Oracle ERP, EPM,…

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week, Douglas Kehring, Executive Vice President of Oracle Corporate Operations, shared the [email protected] story about the Oracle corporate team’s internal journey to the cloud.

Attend our webinar: LTI, through its deep understanding of domains, together with its extensive, acclaimed experience in Oracle ERP, has devised an approach and execution strategy to realize the vision of TERP. Join us in a webinar aimed at delivering a positive outlook towards its possibilities, role as an ‘outcome enabler’ and an elaborate explanation on the approach for practical execution.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Use the latest technology on robotics, machine learning & Oracle chatbots to create the future with AI.  We will explore how to leverage and integrate robotics & machine learning into your companies tech plan.  We'll show the state of robotics and how you can test and use this technology to create the future.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

CSS and Oracle recently collaborated on a Procurement Cloud E-Book, A Guide To Developing a Responsive Cloud-Based Procurement Process. In this session, we will share some insights about the importance of supplier management and sourcing for organizations considering Procurement Cloud and currently running JD Edwards.

We'll refer to some client implementations and provide some options for organizations considering adding Procurement Cloud to the mix.

Jul 13

ERP Cloud SIG Meeting - Chatbots

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