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Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 101130

B2B Buyer profiles are evolving. The difference between your organization and a competitor may come down to the availability of product ordering via a digital commerce platform, and traditional ordering channels. According to a B2BecNews survey, in 5 years half of the workforce will be Millennials. 90% of B2B buyers research online before making a purchase. 84% prefer repeated orders through online channels. The ongoing global pandemic has no doubt accelerated many of these statistics. For B2B organizations, this signifies a fundamental shift in how your customers want to do business. The options are limited: innovate to thrive online or ignore the shift and rely only on “tested and true” methods. Participate to discover a Data-Driven approach to how JD Edwards B2B organizations can innovate and solidify and expand their industry positions into the uncertain future.


Share leading insights and research on the importance of B2B Ecommerce.

Educate audience on how to quickly implement and launch a digital commerce platform.

Jerry Van Dalen, SmarterCommerce by Premier

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100430

Who doesn't want inventory updates in a timely manner? Updating safety stock each month can be time consuming and prone to manual data entry errors. It becomes even more of an issue when the first day of the month falls on a weekend. Eliminate weekend overtime and manual updates by letting Orchestrator update values based on effective dates.


Understand JD Edwards Supplemental Database Setup to use Effective Dates for any data item in the system.

Review Orchestration that uses the Supplemental Database date to update the Safety Stock value of an item on the effective date.

Demonstrate how the Safety Stock value can be displayed on the MRP/DRP Time Series screen.

Steve Voytovich, brij

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 103150

This session will focus on the cumulative value of features delivered in Order Management since the inception of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2. You will learn about enhancements to modules such as Advanced Pricing, Sales Order Management, Agreement Management and more. These functional enhancements along with UX One, Orchestrator, and Preconfigured Notifications will improve the efficiency of the order management process.

Jack Wachtler, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100920

The Industry 4.0 movement and smart manufacturing is revolutionizing the way manufacturers operate. Originating from a manufacturing mindset, the primary focus has been on the factory. While companies are busy mastering these advanced technologies, transformative opportunities exist beyond the shop floor. Understanding the impact of Industry 4.0 on the value-chain as a whole, and how smart manufacturing fits in the context of digitally connected enterprise is imperative for long term success.

This webcast will discuss the associated business transformation along with concrete ideas on how to begin the journey and reap the digitally connected enterprise.

•Origins and growth of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory

•Digital Transformation maturation and scale

•Transformation vision and strategy

•Digitally connected value-chain


Will provide later

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Scott Renner, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 101530

JD Irving has many companies in varying lines of business with multiple instances of our business software, JD Edwards. This created a situation where JD Irving supported many different processes, integrations and development efforts for the same purpose. Join us as we explain how we simplified by moving to a single instance, eliminated redundancy and reduced IT support efforts. Marc Richard, JD Irving Limited’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Maintenance Lead will walk through the process they undertook and explain the challenges and eventual benefits. Joining Marc, Scott Hollowell from Asset Management Solutions, will introduce this topic and talk about the reasons why any company should consider moving to a single instance.


To present the key challenges, benefits and reasons why a company should consider moving to a single instance

To show a real customer example of how they went about moving to a single instance and what they encountered and the benefits they realized.

Marc Richard, JD Irving Ltd

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 103170

Purchasing organizations always look to optimizing their spend and this require a system that will help identify the right suppliers to leverage the discounts they have to offer, thereby reducing costs. 9.2 improvements such as Basket level pricing and Order level pricing have been added in the Procurement module, improving the accuracy of Purchase Order price information and automates the capture those supplier offered discounts. This session will provide an overview of the repricing capabilities added in Procurement in addtion to other new user productiviy features such as applying tax on landed cost during voucher match and soft rounding by tax rates in Voucher Match.

Archana Vishnu, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 101080

After upgrading to JDE 9.2, Ply Gem Siding (Cornerstone) was prepared to consolidate Materials Resource Planning across 9 facilities. In order to keep the big retailers stocked, they needed an automated scheduling and planning solution to plan product and buy raw materials to produce and distribute siding. Online calculations, total visibility across the supply chain and global functionality meant this booming business could continue to grow, but with advanced technology solutions that also helped planners work remotely in our unique Covid circumstances.


Understand the requirements to implement Forecasting/MPS/MRP in a JDE environment while looking at the bigger picture of how it changes the landscape.

How to implement a solution that accommodates current economic conditions and supports trends and growth.

Hear about the unexpected benefits of a solution that—even in a pandemic—enables businesses to thrive.

Dave Denney, CSS International, Inc.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100320

If you are new to Advanced Pricing or if you've been tasked with cleaning up a mess that someone else created, this session will get you started on the path to a clean, organized approach to Advanced Pricing.


Learn basic setup and terminology to get started in Advanced pricing

Learn how Stoner, Inc. uses a single price schedule to deal with multiple pricing discounts and fees

Best practices or “rules of the road” to remember with Advanced Pricing

Lisa Tran, Stoner, Inc.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21 

Session ID: 100880

Learn how Grote Industries and their partner, Syntax, implemented Demand Scheduling Execution and integrated with EDI in the Cloud. Grote will present the business value for this project, timeline, project team structure and lessons learned.

Presented by Francisco Jose Palacio, Grote Industries LLC

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21 

Session ID: 100870 

Why do Something? An Animal Health company that provides technology & medicine to customers required an automated solution that integrates directly with JDE E1 to ensure:

Leased Patented Assets were tracked by customer
Revenue was properly tracked by: Contract, Recurring lease charges, One-off billings of incidental materials Solution:Oracle’s JDE E1 Rental Management: JDE E1 Rental Management enables company to manage the rental & sale of items, capital equipment, inventory items, & associated services.

You can manage all aspects of a rental service, including: Managing rental contracts & agreements.

Presented by Joanne Ferrier, Minardi Consulting Group