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Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D
Session ID: 101360

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D
Session ID: 108450

Every industry is feeling the strain of disruption of the supply chain in today’s market. We will provide tools to navigate logistical adversity and combat the shifting global business landscape. Build efficiencies into existing practices to streamline your operations and analyze real-time data to optimize your current models.

• Combine the correct tables to start interpreting your supply chain data
• Create dashboards including custom map visuals
• Build hyperlinking into dashboards for greater data visibility

Low-code is conquering software development, according to Gartner predictions over 65% of newly developed software in 2024 will be realized with low code. What are the risks that come with the flexibility and scalability of low code technology? What are the risks in opening software development capabilities to business users?

Preparation and strategy are key to successfully implementing low code with JD Edwards. This session shares over 10 years of experience with low code and JDE. Learn from customer examples, what are the top 5 pitfalls? And more importantly, how do you conquer the challenges in technology, governance and company culture. This session will help you consider the practicalities in low code and assist a successful implementation with JD Edwards.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D
Session ID: 108410

Security is of paramount importance in this digital age with interconnected software and hardware. Security breaches are expensive and can cause immense loss of data and reputation leading to financial impact as well. It is critical for customers to stay up-to-date on the security patches and enhancements that JD Edwards provides to keep your deployments and businesses safe. JD Edwards has been committed to providing secure software to our customers with a continuous stream of security improvements. Find out more about recent security enhancements introduced in EnterpriseOne 9.2.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D
Session ID: 108420

This E1/App demo session will focus on how you can optimize and automate your vendor onboarding process and can easily build a single source of truth for your vendor data.

An Excel, Email & Folders model results in incorrect/missing data & time-consuming inefficiencies.

Intelligent Forms & Workflows with approval notifications aligned with real-time JDE integration are a necessity.

App Demo Topics Include:
Vendor: Create / Change/ Inactivation / Reactivation
Document: Grouping / Type Management & Invoice Doc Mgmt.
Workflows: By Type, Spend Threshold, Services & More
Notifications: Email, SMS Text, Native Mobile App
Integrations: Compliance, Validations, Additional Vetting Apps, etc.
Audit: Full History with Auto Date/Time Stamps on All Activity
Web & Mobile: Web App with Mobile Browser & Native App
JDE Integration: BSFN, Orchestrator or Hybrid
Reports: Parsing Request by Status, Bottlenecks, Date/Time Range

All Companies Strive to Optimize JDE Vendor or Other (Item, Customer, PO) Master Records. Attend this session to start your journey to Process Automation.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D
Session ID: 105600

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D
Session ID: 108380