Tag: Manufacturing and Distribution

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 100110

Capital Asset Management (CAM) is a critical part of any asset intensive organization. Companies looking to survive in difficult times and thrive in a competitive landscape lean on Continuous Improvement (CI) efforts to gain a competitive advantage. So what CI projects do you have planned for your CAM team? Unfortunately, most maintenance environments fail to recognize how to leverage CI projects to their CAM program. Simply put, they are "too busy" focusing on doing more with less. CAM should no longer sit in the shadows of continuous improvement. In this session we will focus on defining some key industry best practices and discuss how they can be applied to your E1 CAM efforts to improve your overall maintenance performance. This session promises to be both fun and informative!

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 101750

Too many projects cut out the documentation tasks of a project when budgets get tight. CAT will review how you can circumvent that issue to automatically provide details technical specifications for all JDE objects in a word format where a user can annotate the results without starting from scratch.

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 103790

Your company has decided to embark on the journey of AP Automation to streamline AP operations, save money and better manage cash flow. Embracing emerging technologies like AP Automation is an exciting step forward for every stakeholder, but moving from a manual process to an automated and improved process is daunting at best. So how do you avoid the common (and not so common) pitfalls of implementing the right AP Automation solution for your company? Join us for a lively session on how to plan for, implement and manage a successful AP Automation project and avoid the mistakes that will torpedo the success of your project.

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 104070

Our JDE Modernization program helps drive value for our clients with the ability to maintain and enhance their JD Edwards system and end-user experience, avoiding a costly ERP implementation or change management process, and protecting the investments already made.

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 103690

More accurate demand forecasts allow companies to optimize their inventory levels while maximizing customer satisfaction. Legacy JD Edwards demand forecasting is limited to data that resides within the customer's instance of JDE while relying on dated algorithms, resulting in suboptimal forecast accuracy. But now some options exist where JD Edwards' data can be combined with other sources (both internal and external to the business) and leveraged to train ML-based models to generate accurate forecasts which can then be orchestrated back into JDE. The resulting effect allows JDE to run a more efficient MRP process, ultimately increasing margins for the company.

Come learn more about the types of data that can easily be combined with your sales history and leveraged with advanced ML that can transform your business using a data-driven landscape.

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 103770

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, efficient and streamlined workflows are essential for organizations to stay competitive and agile. JD Edwards, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, empowers businesses to optimize their operations and enhance productivity. One crucial aspect of JD Edwards is its capability to create simple yet powerful workflows, particularly for part number additions.

This presentation delves into the process of harnessing JD Edwards' simple workflow creation features to facilitate the addition of part numbers, a fundamental task in any inventory management system. Attendees will discover how to leverage JD Edwards' intuitive interface to design, implement, and automate part number addition workflows, streamlining the process from start to finish.
Key topics covered in this presentation include:

• Creating a workflow that will send part number additions to different departments (engineering, purchasing, sales, costing, pricing, etc.) to fill in the relevant codes and fields
• Understanding Part Number Addition Workflow Requirements
• Configuring Simple Workflows in JD Edwards
• Automating and Monitoring Workflows
• Ensuring Compliance and Data Integrity
• Real-world Case Studies

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 103750

Form Extensions are very useful and powerful User Defined objects but have been limited to one Extension for an application. A new enhancement makes it possible to use the application version in the form extension to change the behavior of the extension effectively eliminating this limitation.

By joining us, you will gain a solid understanding of how to modify form extension behavior in JDE based on the application version. This knowledge will empower you to create robust and version-aware form control extensions, ensuring compatibility and efficient operations within your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system.

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 103010

Logic Extensions have been enhanced to include functions that you can use to turn data into useful information, including:
• What are your customers most popular products
• What are the most common equipment failures.
Join this session and learn about this new aggregation functionality.

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 101730

Although you can purchase Oracle’s Global Order Promising software, we developed a more cost effective approach to proving prospects and customers with capable to promise information at sales order entry time. Everyone knows JDE provides available to promise information. However, if you are make to order, or you don’t have product in stock at the moment, how do you tell a prospect or customer what when you are capable of promising product, without just quoting standard lead times. Standard lead times are usually longer than what you can really do. We developed a way to look at cumulative manufacturing and purchase lead times, capacities, and quantities on hand of component parts to give customer service people more accurate dates to promise product to customers. This is helping turn prospects into customers and keep existing customers. And we improved the ability to ship on time.

Presented at INFOCUS 2023
Session ID: 103730

Simplify, automate and digitize your JDE! Join this session to explore must-see JDE innovations for maximizing your E1 investment, including Smart Scheduler for batch job scheduling automation, Smart Build for package automation, ERPSign for integrated eSignature workflows, Smart Sense for E1 Server Monitoring & more.