Tag: Manufacturing and Distribution

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022

Title: 9.2 Delivers Shop Floor Control

Session ID: 108130

Attend this session to learn about the new capabilities delivered in 9.2 that you can easily take advantage of to take more control of your production processes. This includes Activity Rules and Ledger, Completion Quantity Restrictions, and Bill of Material and Routing Type Default Selection.

Jun 23

JD Edwards M&D SIG

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How can I search for a customer address record based on their city, state and zip? How can I narrow down my item lookup in purchase order entry to only view items for my specific vendor? The answer used to be "you can't without an enhancement" - there were some workarounds, but nothing that completely met the business need. And then along came EnterpriseOne Search! This UDO allows custom searches to be built, including over multiple business views or tables, so that you can provide lookups on the fields that the users need, display only the data that is useful, and allow selection of records directly from the search. The E1 Search can be used in almost any application or functional area - this session will be based in Distribution applications, but that's a limitation of the time we have and not the tool itself!

Bernadette Durham, Terillium

In this session, you will learn how TruGreen partnered with Navisite to implement the Purchase Order approval process through Mobile apps for enhanced flexibility and efficiency. TruGreen worked on this solution with Navisite as the original out-of-box solution through Mobile App from Oracle was removed from the Apple and Andriod play store for versions IOS 14 and above. This was a huge impediment for TruGreen as they had invested on a new AIS server and were not able to use it. Navisite worked with TruGreen to custom develop a Mobility solution that is user friendly and flexible. The solution is designed to run on both platforms iOS and Android.

Gayatri Rajan, Navisite

This is the newest enhancement in Procurement that makes the receiving process more efficient and faster by enabling the user to update lot details and location when the items are in the receipt route. Join this session to see how the receiving personnel can easily change lot details and the location of items in the receipt route without having to take a row exit to the Multiple Locations form for updating every lot.

Regi Antony, Oracle

Would you like to improve employee productivity, control purchases, and eliminate error-prone paper processes with self-service ordering? Come join this session to see how Requisition Self-Service simplifies the employee requisitioning process and frees up purchasing departments for more strategic tasks by putting the control in the hands of employees. 

Anca Pirjolea, Oracle

Almost every software project starts out with a commitment to "implement the base software", and delivering on this commitment in Sales Order Management means that we often need to get creative with how applications are used to meet business requirements. In this session I'll look at how we can extend the functionality of standard solutions, use UDOs for more robust search options, and leverage some rarely used programs to deliver optimal system processes and avoid enhancements.

Bernadette Durham, Terillium

Discover a new user experience!  The new JD Edwards Item Where Used application powered by Oracle JET provides an intuitive interface that visualizes everywhere an item is used and it's relationship to all other items. See the demo today, learn how easy it is to implement, and start using the Where Used interface to manage your items tomorrow!

Dave Greiner, Oracle

The Purchase Order Receipts program has a number of configuration improvements that help eliminate customization and make the receiving process more efficient. Come join this session to see how you can take advantage of the benefits offered by these improvements.

Cristiana Stroe, Oracle