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A recent report from engineering.com, which was sponsored by Oracle, explored the digital transformation of product design and how design teams are using and planning for design technology that is fueled by data.

CIMdata, a leading PLM research and analyst firm, recently released an eBook sponsored by Oracle that discussed how to digitally transform your business through Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Cloud. The eBook examines the evolution, strategy, and future vision of PLM, how PLM solutions are being rearchitected as product innovation platforms, and how companies can change from designing unsuccessful products to delivering winning offerings.

Presented by Oracle and Tata Consultancy Services It’s no secret some of today’s largest product companies owe their success – in no small part – to efficient outsourced manufacturing.  This approach provides scale and, importantly, agility while controlling manufacturing costs.  Outsourced manufacturing, however, is not simple.  It requires coordination across complex networks and mastery of…

105020 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 In this session, we will analyze the advantages of Supply Chain Cloud solutions, review the business case that led our client, Lidestri Foods, to go to the cloud and discuss integration stategies that can helped Lidestri supply chain executives drive: Effective forecasting and management of customer demand Efficient delivery of…

The truth: Some Cloud migrations go really well, some do not, and there is a huge mix of both in between. Having worked with nearly 50 customers as they have made the move to Oracle SCM Cloud, we’ve seen the different challenges that Cloud brings with it.  Join this session to learn the common mistakes companies have made - and the lessons learned to make sure you don’t repeat them.

Presented by Brian Mentel, RF-SMART