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During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, Crystal Starr, SPHR SHRM-SCP Principal Solution Consultant at Oracle, and Lynda Heusbech, Senior Solution Consultant at Oracle, shared how to start your journey to the cloud in today’s disruptive, digital age. The pace of acceleration is faster than ever before – are you ready?

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

The Digital Age is here and it is disruptive - the pace of acceleration is faster than ever before – Are you ready? With 420k customers in 145 countries – Oracle’s strategy is to enable your organizations journey to the cloud. To date we have moved 25,000 clients to the cloud. Customers embrace our Cloud because it's the most complete offering in the industry including data, software, platform, and infrastructure services. Oracle offers the most integrated, complete Cloud suite of SaaS applications, enabling customers to modernize their business using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Are you ready to move to the Cloud?

This session is designed for anyone thinking of making the move to the Cloud and any new clients who are interested in best practice advice for success in the Cloud.

Attend this practical session to learn how a cloud migration journey could unfold for you, an existing PeopleSoft customer. We will walk through common concerns, typical paths, and lots of frequently asked questions. We will catch you up on everything you need to know, and help put you on a path to gather the information you need to properly evaluate your continued success with Oracle.

In this session you’ll hear why Oracle customers are choosing to move from PeopleSoft to Oracle ERP Cloud and learn from customers who have made the move successfully. You’ll learn about the cloud options available to PeopleSoft customers, the ERP Cloud solution and the entire Oracle Cloud Applications suite. You’ll also hear directly from Oracle customers about their experience moving from PeopleSoft to ERP Cloud as they provide tips and answer questions. This session should provide a clear understanding of the Oracle ERP Cloud solution, tips for moving from PeopleSoft, and insight into the real-world benefits Oracle customers are experiencing with ERP Cloud.

In today’s competitive environment, a key advantage is the ability to innovate, to react nimbly to changing conditions, and to outmaneuver their competition. More choice means more agility and better ability to innovate. The prospect of leveraging your existing Oracle’s JD Edwards investment in hybrid models with Oracle Cloud Applications brings even more choice, agility, and control to both IT and line of business. Attend this session to learn how other customers are leveraging Oracle Cloud Applications with JD Edwards. 

As a PeopleSoft customer, you’ve likely been bombarded with messages about cloud – from Oracle, from other vendors, and from within your own organization. With so much complexity and information, how do you figure out a reasonable and realistic plan for your organization? In this session, we will talk candidly about cloud – what it means, what it doesn’t mean, important factors consider, and bust some myths. All in the context of your current status as a PeopleSoft customer, so that you can be informed and empowered to evaluate your cloud options, on your terms.

Join Elire for a Deep Dive webinar on effective analysis to prepare your organization for it’s cloud transformation. The Elire team will detail successful criteria used to gauge organizational readiness, including data conversion strategy, change management, business process redesign, and more. Elire will review case studies of previous Cloud Roadmaps, as well as implementation best practices and roadblocks to give attendees better insight into what they can expect – and what they can avoid – on their cloud journey.

Are you a PeopleSoft customer curious about what a move to the Oracle Cloud suite of applications might look like? Are you curious about why other organizations have made that move or about how to get started yourself? Come join a panel discussion with PeopleSoft customers who recently migrated to Oracle Cloud applications, and gain first-hand insight into their decision-making process, what has been successful, and what has been challenging.

In this session we will discuss the often asked question: What do you wish you had known? The ride from On-Premise to Cloud is always hectic and full of learning. But, that learning does not stop at Go-Live. Given the ever-changing and evolving nature of the Cloud Applications there is always more. Let’s spend some time discussing lessons learned from two different implementations (one live May 2017 and one live July 2018). 

Capture all the benefits of the cloud now and save 50% of your operating costs. In this one-hour webinar, learn about the benefits of the state-of-the-art Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and how PeopleSoft is built to take advantage of it through automated lift and shift capabilities, streamlined maintenance and single click PeopleTools upgrades.