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Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Anything as a Service (XaaS) - enabling  the service transformation within manufacturing
Session ID: 108690

Anything as a Service (XaaS) has become the #1 strategic imperative at manufacturing companies. To enable this XaaS service transformation, companies must adopt a new service operating model.  Oracle is unique in our multidisciplinary approach by providing this new operating service model, which combines all aspects (Sales, Service, Subscription Management, ERP/EPM, Supply Chain, Financials & Analytics) of lifecycle management in the cloud.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Announcing the new Oracle Platform for Automotive Suppliers (OPAS)
Session ID: 108680

Learn about the new Oracle Platform for Automotive Suppliers (OPAS) as we provide you the highlights of this Oracle industry strategy solution.  This complete cloud platform will enable industry compliance mandates throughout the entire supply chain as embraced by AIAG, ODETTE and JAMA/JAPIA.   Some of the key capabilities to be discussed include OEM EDI, release accounting/cumulative management, Kanban processing, analytics, 3D modeling, mobility, quality and manufacturing management.  

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: AI/ML and What They Can Do For Supply Chain Management
Session ID: 106960

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are here to stay and they can help you supply chain. We will go over AI and ML, how they work, what tools you can leverage RIGHT NOW to help with supply chain management.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022

Title: Achieve agility and resiliency with a Smart Manufacturing platform

Session ID: 108410

The accelerated pace of innovation and other external forces such as geopolitical and socio-economical factors push manufacturers to transform their operations and continue to be relevant. While many Industry 4.0 digital technologies and solutions are available today, manufacturers need to adopt a modern platform to digitize, scale, and realize a digitally connected enterprise. This presentation will highlight the importance of a platform approach and the next-generation tools and technologies offered by Oracle’s Smart Manufacturing solution to lay the foundation to completely transform supply chains, achieve agility and resiliency to outpace the competition.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: 4 Ways to Improve your Inventory Management Strategy Using Oracle Cloud Inventory Planning
Session ID: 102450

Oracle Cloud Inventory Management offers a complete materials management and costing solution that has several inventory planning methods to improve your inventory management processes.  Cloud Inventory Management offers multiple advantages:
-Complete inventory visibility across multiple warehouses / locations
-Intuitive dashboards to monitor inventory levels, replenishment tasks, and inbound receipts
-Material movement that includes stock issues, receipts, counts and transfers of materials within and between facilities
-Robust min-max planning capabilities that enable replenishment of stocks from both internal and external sources

Cloud Inventory Management fully integrates with other Oracle Cloud applications:
-Use inventory management to automate the replenishment of your shop floor locations within Supply Chain Execution.
-Inventory management integrates with Oracle Procurement to drive stock replenishments directly from suppliers

With JD Edwards Release 22, Oracle has moved to annual combined updates supported by their continuous innovation model which gives JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 customers a simplified upgrade and maintenance process.

In this 60-minute webinar, a Syntax JD Edwards expert will uncover the impact to your business with Release 22 innovations and new features. And how you can take advantage of the latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has to offer by leveraging Oracle’s continued investment with on-going updates and innovation to the platform’s tools, features, and application enhancements.

In this webinar we will:
• Review the new JD Edwards update methodology
• Explore the new system automation features
• Review the user experience enhancements
• Understand the new digital transformation functionality
• Discuss changes to the JD Edwards platform that will enable future innovation
• Provide an overview of the application enhancements
• Discuss how to plan your move to Release 22

Presented by Allen Jacot, Syntax

Jun 6

ERP Cloud SIG Meeting: June 2022

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Apr 18 @  1:00pm

ORACLE CLOUD SCM Product Management Cloud 22B Release Overview Description: In this session we will cover the features introduced in Update 22B for Product Management Cloud Service which includes Innovation Management, Product Development and Product Hub. There are several new features covering Item management, Change Management and other areas which will be explained during this…