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AP Express by Nivo1

With headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and a regional office in London, England, Nivo1 provides a low-cost, cloud-based accounts payable automation software solution that helps businesses cut costs and simplify AP processes. Our premier SaaS product, AP Express™, competes feature-for-feature with other AP automation solutions to provide essential functionality for AP processing. We are committed to helping customers leverage their ERP data through native, real-time integration with their specific ERP. Our goal is to provide customers with a feature rich, low cost solution with a no cost, rapid implementation cycle to simplify and eliminate the challenges of accounts payable processing.

Contact AP Express by Nivo1:

Leanne Madden
Director of Sales
ap_e[email protected]
(412) 535-5720


2403 Sidney Street
Suite 225
Pittsburgh, PA 15203