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Astute Business Solutions

Astute is the leader in Lift and Shift PeopleSoft Apps to OCI (Oracle Cloud) and PeopleSoft Test Automation, using PTF with its FasTest tool that has been successfully implemented across Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Professional Services, Non-Profit and Insurance. FasTest has proven to not only accelerate and automate testing of your PeopleSoft applications. Astute also has deep knowledge of PeopleSoft Upgrades, Implementation,Training, Fluid UI deployment and Selective Adoption Strategy including 9 lift and shift PeopleSoft apps to OCI.

Contact Astute Business Solutions:

Sudhir Mehandru or Arvind Rajan
VP Sales and Client Services
[email protected]


4637 Chabot Drive, Suite 220 Pleasanton, CA 94588