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Essentio was founded in 2004 to address a void in full-featured archival solutions and data management solutions that natively integrate with JD Edwards. Our mission is to provide optimal solutions to address JD Edwards data growth challenges. Our 25+ years of JD Edwards domain expertise and deep understanding of archival best practices unite to provide comprehensive data management solutions for JD Edwards by module, with end-user customization.

Our flagship product, Archivist, has been recognized as a premier archival solution for decades. Customer experiences over the years led to Essentio launching two other products recently as well: PathFinder and TaskFormer. Pathfinder is investigative tool that allows companies to peer into the innerworkings of transactions. TaskFormer is a workflow and incident management solution to help automate and streamline master data maintenance.

We embrace a holistic view of data management. Essentio’s solutions address compliance, archived data management, analytics and archival automation needs. Our full lifecycle data solutions help reduce corporate risk, increase compliance, reduce data management costs and increase productivity.

Contact Essentio Software:

Ed Howell
Director Global Operations
[email protected]

Oracle Partner Certifications and Specializations:

  • Certified Oracle Partner