December 7 - December 10, 2020

Strategic insight and how-to education for Oracle users of all levels

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Strategic insight and how-to education for Oracle users of all levels​

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QXW offers 4 jam-packed days of practical Oracle product learning for users of JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud apps and Oracle Database solutions. There’s something for everyone: strategic insights, practical product how-to sessions, customer case studies and best practices.

Quest Experience Week is open to all Oracle users, free of charge. Help us celebrate 25 years of bringing Oracle users together to learn, explore and connect.​

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QXW Programming Descriptions

PeopleSoft Day
Monday, December 7

Broaden your access to business applications with chatbots and conversational AI interfaces.

Kibana provides rich analytics and visualizations that enable better decision-making and improved understanding of your data. This feature may be right for you if you are operating with large volumes of data, if high performance is key, or if you want to analyze and track information over time.

PeopleSoft has always enabled customers to tailor the system to meet their unique requirements. Traditional approaches to customization are expensive to create and maintain and make it difficult to take delivered updates and new innovations. And yet, today, customers and end users expect a more personalized and productive experience than ever before.

PeopleSoft Day Agenda

JD Edwards Day
Tuesday, December 8

Leverage the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator to transform your system from a transaction-based system of records into a system that provides a dynamic reflection of real-time business operations. With Orchestrator, you can harness the Internet of Things, eliminate human error, and automate manual processes.

Code Current
With Oracle’s shift towards a rapid release model for 9.2 instead of major release upgrades, staying code current will help ensure that you are ready to take on new features and fixes in your JD Edwards system.

Continuous Adoption
Continuous Adoption offers frequent delivery of new enhancements, product innovation and new features in smaller updates, and reduced requirements for costly, disruptive upgrades. These incremental enhancements are easier to consume and help better align IT and the line of business.

JD Edwards Day Agenda

Cloud Day
Wednesday, December 9

Change Management
Accepting change isn’t always easy. It’s important to get buy-in from both executives and end users to ensure a successful adoption. Learn about best practices for getting your team on board and excited about your implementation project.

Recruiting Solutions
Finding the best talent, hiring them quickly, and onboarding them efficiently can be difficult in today’s competitive environment. Oracle’s recruiting solutions can help ensure that you find and maintain the best candidates, both externally and internally.

Transitioning and Adopting Cloud
In today’s disruptive, digital age, many businesses are benefitting from making the transition to the cloud. There are so many different ways to leverage the power of the cloud, so start your journey today by finding the best path for you!

Cloud Day Agenda

Database & Technology Day
Thursday, December 10

New Features and Getting There
This track is focused on the newest features of the Oracle database, best practices, and the options how to get the latest database version.

Accelerating the database
This track on what makes the database runs faster. Whether you are talking about performance or achieving value faster in the database, this track has something for you. SQL tuning, In- Memory, and Autonomous are examples for accelerating the DB.

Leveraging and protecting the Data, ML, and Security
The data is what makes the database valuable. These sessions focus on protecting the data and database and how to leverage the data through features like Machine Learning.

Cloud, Containers, and tools
The database doesn’t run in a vacuum. There are many options on how to run the database, tools to operate and manage the database, programming required to make the database run successful. These sessions will focus on these capabilities.

Database & Technology Day Agenda

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