December 6 - December 9, 2021

Strategic insight and how-to education for Oracle users of all levels

Quest Experience Week: JD Edwards Day

Tuesday, December 7

JD Edwards Day is packed full of digital education designed to provide strategic insights and how-to-education for JD Edwards users of all levels. Best of all? Registration is free, so please join us!

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JD Edwards Day Sessions

11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

Opening Session

JD Edwards Strategy and Vision

Join JD Edwards development in this wrap-up session to learn more about the strategy for EnterpriseOne 9.2, Continuous product Innovation, adoption of Oracle Cloud and future investments in digital and operational simplification.

Presented by:
Paul Houtkooper, Keith Sholes, and Jeff Erickson

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm ET

Three Ways to Build and Deploy Orchestrations without a Computer Science Degree

Orchestrator is not just for techies. In fact, with a good grasp of the possibilities, a little bit of practice, and the business knowledge that you already have, if you know how to use the JD Edwards applications, you can build useful orchestrations. In this session we will explore a few examples.

Presented by:
A.J. Schifano

Establishing User Licensing

Oracle will select customers for a licensing audit based on many different factors. There is no one size fits all policy or fixed price list, so it can be confusing how licensing is actually established. This session will cover what licensing models are available, the common factors that can affect licensing and the currently available industry best practices techniques that can allow you to pre-emptively prepare for a licensing audit.

Presented by:
Tanya Johnson
ALLOut Security

JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrades in the Cloud: A Customer Discussion

With new features and flexibility continuously delivered in EnterpriseOne 9.2 releases, the opportunity for Oracle JD Edwards customers to leverage the newest tools, functionality, and technologies to modernize their business is unprecedented. That’s why there’s never been a better time to upgrade to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 and embrace the power of the cloud along the way.

Moderated by Velocity Technology Solutions, this session features customers discussing their decision criteria, process, and benefits realized with upgrading JD Edwards to the latest release of 9.2. It will also include a discussion on why these customers chose to move to the cloud as part of their 9.2 upgrade, the advantages of the cloud, and best practices for upgrading to the cloud.

Presented by:
David Coleman
Velocity Technologies

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

Just added!

LIVE DEMO – Debunking the Myths of RPA and Business Process Automation Technologies

This session will debunk the myths and clarify the strategies around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA), detailing how they fit into your truly integrated solution. We will explore the differences, similarities, and where the two technologies work best together. End the confusion around RPA and BPA and become an expert today!

Obj 1: RPA and BPA live demos
Obj 2: Highlight the differences and similarities between RPA and BPA.
Obj 3: Debunk the myths and clarify strategies around RPA Business Process Automation

Presented by:
Matthew Skinner
RST Solutions

How MYR Optimized their JDE Reporting Quickly and Easily

A recent FSN survey found that 97% of CFOs have doubts about reporting quality, 87% of accountants work overtime to complete their financial close, and 86% of finance teams say their analytics are not insightful. This lack in data mastery can be a result of relying on ERP systems like JD Edwards. JD Edwards data can be highly complex and distributed, based on the functions it provides for daily business processes. Data is stored in hundreds of pre-populated and non-populated tables, and most finance teams don’t have the time to learn the underlying table structures for building reports. That’s where MYR found themselves and what caused them to start looking for a way to make their JDE reporting quick and easy while producing reports filled with clarity and certainty. Join this session to discover how MYR empowered their finance team to:
•Reduce the number of reports created
•Easily create ad hoc reports
•Simplify report creation and deployment

Presented by:
Elizabeth Davis, Derious Malone, InsightSoftware
Didi Raizen, MYRGroup

The Power of Orchestrator – 5 Use Cases to Get You Thinking About Your Next Orchestrator Project

Item Maintenance Verification:
Do you wish you had a better way to ensure accurate data? Now you do with default values using Orchestrator! Discover how you can default values based on another fields value. We walk you through an Orchestration that defaults fields within the Item Master to ensure that Item Maintenance is done correctly! Endless scenarios and possibilities!Accurate Accounting Reporting on Sales:
Discover how you can override processing options and submit jobs using Orchestrator. In this use case, we walk you through how Sales Order Update is submitted using yesterday’s date to ensure that all shipped orders are captured for accounting purposes even when shipping doesn’t end until the early hours of the next day.

Accurate and Up-to-date Inventory:
Who doesn’t want inventory updates in a timely manner? Updating safety stock each month can be time consuming and prone to manual data entry errors. It becomes even more of an issue when the first day of the month falls on a weekend. Eliminate weekend overtime and manual updates by letting Orchestrator update values based on effective dates.

Address Book Integrity:
This Notification through Orchestrator can be applied to unlimited scenarios. In this use case, we share with you how invalid address book setup is identified and notified back to the user; which ultimately, increases reporting accuracy and overall system processing!

Increase Revenue by Enabling Your Sales Team:
Enabling your Sales team with more information to quickly answer customer questions and react to changing market conditions increases revenue. Remember the introduction of mobile devices with email? It was a game changer for Salespeople to jump on opportunities, solve problems, and win deals faster. In this session, you will see how you can further enable your Sales team with more information by sending data from JD Edwards to Salesforce and have that data available on mobile devices.

Presented by:
Bruce Calder

Making Continuous Adoption a Reality

You are running JD Edwards 9.2 and you hear about all the latest innovations but our company is concerned how to keep up. This session will provide best practices on how to stay current with JD Edwards and most importantly, leverage the most current innovations.

Presented by:
David Bilthuis and Clayton Seeley, Oracle
Kimberly Jacot, The Anschutz Corporation

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm ET

Orchestrator Product Updates from Engineering

Thought we were done? Nope. The JD Edwards development team continues to enhance Orchestrator with features and functions beyond your wildest dreams. Attend this session for a fast-paced, whirlwind tour through the latest Orchestrator enhancements as we try to fit the past year into one hour. And if you’re lucky, maybe even a glimpse into the future.

Presented by:
Darryl Shakespeare and A.J. Schifano

Records Still in Temp Tables after Payroll Processes

Sometimes when payroll runs there are records that did not move to history or did move to history but did not clear out of the temp tables. This can throw reports and your GL reconciliation off. Talk about some best practices B&G is doing to prevent these errors from happening in the future.

What happens and what reports can be off when there are things still in the temp table that should not be there?

What we have started doing to check for this and what we are developing to help us?

How to clear the records?

Presented by:
Katie Lewis and Brooke Malone
Brasfield & Gorrie

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET

MOM would be proud: Media Object Management Made Useful Presented by Small Business SIG

This session is presented by the Small Business SIG. Tired of clicking on a paperclip to view media objects? Come see how to give users an easy way to view media objects – both text and PDF’s.By creating a simple application and data structure to incorporate within a JDE personalization framework (UDO), you can provide your users with a facility to see media object attachments displayed on the glass within the same inquiry applications they use to review transactions. See how this can be applied to common JDE information such as Purchase Orders, AP Vouchers, General Ledger transactions and even custom applications. There are some “gotchas” with displaying PDF’s in 9.2, and a solution path for that will be covered as well, so please join us for this awesome solution for your users!

Presented by:
Andrew Ostdiek, Hamilton Telecommunications
Don Sauve, Wagstaff

Industry 4.0 Business Transformation for Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturers are trying to understand and take advantage of digitally transforming their business with advanced technologies. In this session learn how to digital transform your business using Industry 4.0 solutions like IoT, ChatBots, mobility, blockchain, AI and including the digital thread! This lively session offers real actionable ideas that you can use to digitally transform your manufacturing business along with customer examples.

Presented by:
Pat Mariles and David Greiner

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