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Oracle Database 19c SIG Meeting

Join us for our monthly Oracle Database 19c SIG Meeting!

Oracle GoldenGate Microservices
  • Overview and Introduction to GoldenGate Microservices.
  • GoldenGate MSA Architecture
  • Components and architecture of MSA
  • Service Manager
  • Administrator Server
  • Distribution Server
  • Receiver Server
  • Performance metrics Server
  • Comparing GoldenGate MSA and GoldenGate Classic Architecture

About the Presenter

Ashish Agarwal deals in providing quality training and support which will make students grow and be experts in their respective fields. He has 11+ years of experience as a trainer in Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Database Administrator. He is an Expert in Oracle GoldenGate & Oracle Database. He has trained more than 3,800+ individuals and 180+ corporate clients. Ashish’s expertise is in designing and providing database, replication, upgradation, and migration solutions for different business needs using a wide selection of technologies like Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, GoldenGate, ODI, and OEM. He has worked with international firms in Switzerland, London, and Canada. His hobbies including playing cricket and sharing knowledge with others.

Ashish has worked and implemented Goldengate in more than 200 projects hence share real-time scenarios and test cases during training.

He is a blogger, has his own YouTube channel on GoldenGate, and speaks at various platforms. His papers have been selected for OOW and presented sessions on GoldenGate over a lot of groups and communities. His motive is to build community and prepare more and more GoldenGate experts.

He cud be reached over Twitter @ashishagarwalag #AskAshish #GoldenGate

Check out his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/ashishagarwal_gg.