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GoldenGate software can help manage your data integration, availability, and migrations across multiple platforms. At BLUEPRINT 4D 2023, in Dallas, TX, Oracle’s Alexandre Lima shared how this software has changed since Oracle acquired it in 2009 and the benefits of the microservices Goldengate software offers.

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2021 QXW 

This session will cover us the Oracle Internals focusing on Performance DBA’s who work on Oracle RAC will benefit from understanding the details of Oracle Cache Fusion related wait events. We will cover some AWR reports where interesting problems were reported and the steps that were recommended to help improve performance.

Presented by Anil Nair, Oracle & Alfredo Abate, Senior Oracle Application Database, BBT Industries LLC

2021 QXW 

Oracle Autonomous Database has simplified the management of operational and analytical database workloads. This keynote discusses how the innovation continues to improve analyst, data scientist, and developer productivity.
Presented by Gerald Venzl – Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

Oct 13 @  11:00am

Discover the benefits Oracle Database customers can anticipate when moving to a Power10 based system as we uncover the design of IBM's latest generation of Power. During this session, we will discuss advantages of the new Power10 based system which include: Evaluating the migration of older Database versions to a current version Managing your workload…

Presented at Database & Technology Week 2021

Learn the latest news and updates directly from the Oracle Database Development Team. In addition to discussing some of the latest features and enhancements, this session will also cover Oracle’s database strategy with regard to on-premises, in-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.