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Apr 21 @  11:00am

Learn from Oracle GoldenGate Product Management the about the new features in Oracle GoldenGate 19c for Oracle and non-Oracle platforms. This will include both cloud and on-premise product lines. This presentation will also cover new features and roadmap for Veridata, GoldenGate Studio, and Monitoring. Presented by Nick Wagner, Director, Product Management, Oracle Part of Quest…

Tom McGinn, Learning Architect, Database User Assistance, wrote an article about the introduction of "just enough documentation," a combination of two content types - interactive diagrams and video. This concept was introduced by the Oracle Database User Assistance group with the aim of helping customers get started using Oracle's products as quickly as possible through a combination of interactivity and visual presentation. The first implementation of this approach is the Architectural Overview for Oracle Data Safe.

William Hardie, Vice President of Oracle Database Product Management, recently shared that customers who are wishing to utilize the Machine Learning, Spatial, and Graph features of Oracle Database are no longer required to purchase additional licenses. This is keeping with Oracle's mission to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities. 

Previously, SELECT published Why Your Database is Not Secure: A Prelude to the COLLABORATE 2019 Session. Over the next few weeks, I thought I would dive in a little deeper into the subject of database security based on that session. The presentation had four topic areas based on the time, effort, risk, and costs to perform. This article provides an overview on three areas that I believe are the lowest in time, effort, risks, and costs. I call these “Easy Pickings.”

Samuel Pesse, an Oracle ACE, wrote in his blog about how to self-test your database. The content below is a republishing of his words.

Sep 26 @  11:00am

  Are you considering downsizing some of your Oracle databases from Enterprise Edition (EE) to Standard Edition 2 (SE2) to save on licensing costs? Are you looking to rationalize the distribution of your Oracle databases, migrating some to the cloud, in order to lower data center costs? Downsizing to SE2 on-premise may not be straightforward…

Databases are critical to organizations and represent a significant part of total IT spend. That is why you want to deploy your database on the best-optimized platform and protect your data with backups. The Cloud is transforming the way enterprises do business for the better, and backup is no different. That’s where Oracle Cloud Backup for Oracle Database comes into play.

Virtualization is an important technology today that allows users to efficiently and effectively utilize resources on a single platform. In a recent update, KVM is now a feature of Oracle Linux. And with that, Oracle Database Appliance models X6-2S/X6-2M/X6-2L are including the KVM libraries in the software stack that is deployed on Oracle Database Appliance…

Alex discusses how the innovation of Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) lies in its architectural simplicity, its cost-effectiveness and its reliability as an all-in-one database platform.