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Oracle Database 19c SIG September Meeting

Join us for our monthly Oracle Database 19c SIG meeting!

From DBA to DE:  Becoming a Data Engineer

Today’s Oracle DBA has acquired extremely valuable skills that actually make it simpler than ever to transition to the role of Data Engineer (DE). After all, who knows their application systems’ data – the myriad places where it’s stored, its relative quality and timeliness, and value to her IT organization – better than the DBA.

This session will:

  • Explain what the DE role often entails in forward-looking IT teams
  • Describe what current skills are needed to fulfill the role, and what upskilling is required
  • Discuss how best to maintain relevance for your career’s foreseeable future

The attendee will:

  • Understand what DEs are likely to do on a day-to-day basis
  • Discover what skills she needs to improve or attain to fulfill the DE role
  • Learn which professional organizations are useful to connect with to maintain her DE career

About Jim

Jim Czuprynski has 40+ years of experience in Information Technology, serving diverse roles at various Fortune 1000 companies before becoming an Oracle DBA in 2001. An Oracle ACE Director since 2014, he’s a sought-after public speaker on Oracle technology, presenting at OOW, Oracle CODE, KSCOPE, ODC tours, and OUG conferences around the world. Jim has authored 100+ articles on Oracle Database administration, ML/Analytics & APEX at databasejournal.com, IOUG SELECT, and ODTUG TechCeleration & has co-authored 4 books on Oracle database technology. Jim’s blog, Generally … It Depends (https://jimthewhyguy.com), contains his thoughts on the state of IT. Jim also co-hosts the Beyond Tech Skills podcast (https://www.beyondtechskills.com).