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Stairway to Cloud Series with Sue Shaw

Stairway to Cloud Series with Sue Shaw

Thinking about a move to the Cloud? Stuck in an endless planning cycle? Join us for our new hands-on executive learning series, Stairway to Cloud, led by ERP Cloud migration expert Sue Shaw. Designed for IT and Business Leaders looking to move their ERP or other enterprise application to the cloud, this 5-part worksession series takes participants through the end-to-end process.

Each 60 minute session will dive deep into one step of the stairway utilizing a presentation plus discussion format: Governance and Strategy, Selection, Execution, Sustainment & Governance, and Results, Review and Wrap Up

Tools such as questionnaires, templates and worksheets with examples will be provided and there will be a short homework assignment each week. By the end of the series, each participant will be equipped to build their own stairway to the cloud. A $249 registration fee will be charged.

Seats are limited! The series kicks off March 15, so sign up now.

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Course Overview:

  • Week 1 – March 15: Governance and Strategy
  • Week 2 – March 22: Selection​
  • Week 3 – March 29: Execution
  • Week 4 – April 5: Sustainment and Governance
  • Week 5 – April 12: Results, Review and Wrap Up​
March 15, 3:00 pm ET

Week 1: Governance and Strategy

The first step in the stairway is to lay the foundation. While governance may be an unpopular word, it is necessary for enterprise applications with many stakeholders. This session will guide you through recommended governance roles then walk you through development of your cloud strategy. Suggested guiding principles, tips and a template will be provided.

March 22, 3:00 pm ET​

Week 2: Selection

Once you have a plan, the next step in the stairway is to choose the right solution. How to determine your requirements, prioritize them and evaluate them against possible options will covered. As with all sessions, ERP specific tips will be highlighted and a requirements gathering template will be provided.

March 29, 3:00 pm ET

Week 3: Execution

By step three, you are half way up the stairway and it’s time to get the job done. This is not meant to be an ERP project management session and instead focuses on enterprise system common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Advice on how to choose the best system integrator and a go live readiness checklist will be provided.

April 5, 3:00 pm ET

Week 4: Sustainment and Governance

Going live is only the beginning of your journey with a new ERP. Governance is revisited, with operations in mind, discussing a proven model with roles and responsibilities identified. Common post implementation issues will be presented and a support model will be discussed in some detail. A sample operating committee agenda will be provided.

April 12, 3:00 pm ET​

Week 5: Results, Review and Wrap Up

Results are at the top of the stairway and are what defines your success. Quantifiable and qualitative measurement options will be covered, along with specific cloud implementation tips. The session series wraps up with a ‘Stairway to Cloud’ checklist that you can use to build your own stairway to cloud.

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Seats are limited for this 5-part hands-on executive learning series.

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About Sue Shaw:

Sue has worked as an IT Director at a variety of large utility and energy companies and has spent over 30 years as a customer implementing and managing enterprise applications such as ERPs, Asset Management Systems and CRMs. She started in the ERP world with SAP and JD Edwards and more recently has worked in the cloud with NetSuite and Oracle Fusion. Sue believes that ERPs are the backbone of any company but rarely get the attention that they deserve.

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