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Activity Rules for Manufacturing Work Orders

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Activity rules functionality for manufacturing work orders will allow a status flow to be defined and enforced similar to what already exists for plant and equipment maintenance work orders and sales and purchase orders has been one of the top enhancement requests for manufacturing from the Quest M&D user group and has recently been delivered. Within JD Edwards manufacturing, there’s always been the ability to prevent transactions beyond a specified status, but nothing to easily prevent a user from changing the status back to one that does allow them and then making the transaction. For example, a closed work order with all of the accounting complete is updated to an open status that allows additional inventory to be issued potentially creating data integrity issues. This will no longer be the case after implementing activity rules. In addition to status flow enforcement, the activity rules allow for locking and freezing work orders according to their status. In this session you will learn everything you need to know about the set up and use of Work Order Activity Rules for Manufacturing.

Presented by David Greiner, Oracle