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Event Mapping, DropZones and Personalized Analytic Notification

PeopleSoft configurable drop zones allow you to extend the fields that are displayed and processed on delivered pages without customizing the component or fluid page definition.

PeopleSoft Personalized Analytics Notification can be used to inform you about a threshold violation. Applications can send out important notifications and system alerts using PAN. PeopleSoft Personalized Analytic Notifications extends the existing PivotGrid Thresholds to alert the users with Real time Notifications on reaching a Threshold and allowing the end user to personalize the Threshold options.

Event mapping frame work enables users to inject custom code to component/component field events without modifying the actual objects.

Attend this session to learn what PeopleTools 8.57 brings to you for Event Mapping, Drop Zones and Personalized Analytic Notification.


Presented by Ramasimha Rangaraju & Arokia Rajashekar, Oracle


Part of PeopleSoft Global Day 2019

These sessions are scheduled to reach the Quest Oracle Community Global PeopleSoft Audience