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Benefits of Running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


A recent Oracle video gave an overview and benefits of running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Leading organizations from all over the world, perhaps even yours, depend on Oracle PeopleSoft as the system of record to help manage daily business operations. You may depend on PeopleSoft to manage human resources, handle finances, track inventory, pay vendors, or even to power higher education campus experiences. It is such a critical system of record, which serves both your employees and customers, that it may be integrated with other applications and components as part of your larger IT ecosystem. Since so many organizations depend on PeopleSoft, the team continues to invest in delivering new enhancements and offering long-term support so that customers can, in turn, offer innovative experiences for end-users.

Benefits of Running PeopleSoft on OCI

Given how important PeopleSoft is to your current and future operations, there may be strategic drivers prompting you to look into migrating it to the Cloud. Simply put, you may be looking to optimize costs and improve operations. Running your business-critical PeopleSoft application on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help you accomplish both.

PeopleSoft on OCI: Optimize Costs

The video started by looking at how the Cloud can deliver a lower total cost of ownership for your PeopleSoft deployment. You can save up to 38 percent in costs by running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure versus running it on-premises. Optimize your costs by eliminating upfront hardware, ongoing facilities, resource-intensive IT administration, and support costs.

For example, let’s say you need a disaster recovery environment for PeopleSoft. With the Oracle Cloud, you can stand up DR quickly and cost-effectively without additional hardware or facilities. This is a significant saving, especially if data center management is not strategic to your business.

You can also optimize IT costs by running right-sized at all times. By running PeopleSoft in the Oracle Cloud, you can alleviate the pain of constant capacity planning and eliminate the need to overprovision your high-value resources in order to accommodate for busy seasons.

OCI also offers significant cost advantages for PeopleSoft over other clouds. Due to the significant price-performance advantages for core, compute, networking, and storage services, it can be half the cost to run PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud versus on competing clouds.


PeopleSoft on OCI: Improve Operations

By running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can gain the agility to add resources for growth and busy seasons. You can spin up and teardown new development, QA, and production environments quickly. You can also scale database cores up and down with no downtime and speed up your ability to bring in new features and integrations.

In addition, you can improve your PeopleSoft performance. Customers have doubled their PeopleSoft performance on the Oracle Cloud because it was built from the ground up to deliver superior performance for complex production environment consistently. Oracle’s core computing and block volume services consistently outperform the competition, and you can achieve the highest level of database performance with unique offerings like RAC and Exadata.

By moving to Oracle’s high-capacity cloud infrastructure, you can support future growth and scalability without sacrificing performance. Oracle stands behind its superior performance and backs it up with service-level agreements.

Finally, Oracle is the only Cloud that enables customers to automate the lifecycle management of PeopleSoft using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. This tool enables you to define and save your deployments as templates. By defining once, you can deploy multiple times quickly, enable one-click self-service provisioning, automatically download and apply patches or upgrades, safely test and evaluate new features and customizations in PeopleSoft Update Manager environments. You can adopt new PeopleSoft features faster by temporarily creating parallel environments in the Cloud.

How to Get Started with PeopleSoft on OCI

Oracle helps customers migrate as seamlessly as possible, so you can start optimizing costs and improving operations for PeopleSoft right away. What’s unique about the Oracle Cloud is that you can run the PeopleSoft you know, as is. There is no need to retrain your staff or re-architect. You can start running in the Cloud with little downtime.

You can also securely connect from your headquarters to the Oracle Cloud for hybrid cloud deployments, and you can take advantage of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to automate the lift and shift of your PeopleSoft environment to the Oracle Cloud in just a few steps. Easily click to launch an Image for PeopleSoft Cloud Manager from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Lift your PeopleSoft application environment data and supporting Oracle database to Oracle Object Storage. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager downloads your lifted deployment packages and basically shifts your on-premises PeopleSoft environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Once you have successfully migrated to the Oracle Cloud, you can continue to leverage familiar tools and techniques to control, secure, and manage your PeopleSoft environment.

To learn more about the benefits of running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, check out the video below.

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Benefits of Running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure