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Cloud HCM: Workforce Compensation Lessons Learned at YUM Brands

Yum Brands shared their Cloud HCM Workforce Compensation lessons learned at BLUEPRINT 4D.

When Rob Longshore, Analyst ITSS at YUM Brands, took over the Cloud HCM Workforce Compensation module, he discovered an Excel sheet with more than 400 tasks needing attention.

Instead of letting himself be overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks, Rob prioritized a few high-impact tasks that he could solve easily and quickly delight users.  At BLUEPRINT 4D 2023, he shared where he was able to mitigate issues so other Cloud HCM could do the same.

Issue 1. Messy Manager Interfaces

One of the first improvements to the Workforce Compensation module involved turning off “Track Ineligible Workers.” By turning off this option, he cleaned up the user interface for managers and received a ton of positive feedback.

If you’re currently building your Workforce Compensation plan, Rob recommends turning off this option BEFORE you roll out the plan. If not, you’ll have to backtrack and re-roll everything.

Issue 2. Changes Not Saving

Next, Rob dug into a “changes cannot be saved” error. It was performance rating season, and hundreds of employees were making changes simultaneously, but the “save and update” wasn’t processing fast enough.

The root cause turned out to be cross references to other plans and cells. Rob’s team eliminated those cross references, and everything was solved.

This year, Rob plans to roll ABR into its own individual sheet within the salary plan to eliminate the need for cross-referencing between plans.

Issue 3. Compensation Complications

Recently, YUM Brands onboarded employees located outside of the U.S. This new growth produced never-before-seen issues in the Workforce Compensation module, as users were unable to post Compensation Elements at year end.

Since this problem had never occurred before, it took a while to diagnose it. After hours of audit, Rob’s team found that the salary basis was different from the ledger. It was set to corporate currency (USD) and not the salary base’s currency (GBP).

If your company is moving into the international job market, Rob advises adjusting this setting before the cycle begins.

Want More?

For more on how YUM Brands is using Cloud HCM’s Workforce Compensation module, check out part two (starts at 13:04) of this BLUPRINT 4D 2023 session recording: Oracle Cloud Apps – Ignite & FailFest Sessions.

To connect with Oracle Cloud HCM users like Rob, consider joining Quest’s Cloud HCM Community.

Cloud HCM: Workforce Compensation Lessons Learned at YUM Brands