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How to Extend and Modernize with JD Edwards in the Cloud


During INFOCUS, Oracle’s own Neil Pugh, Senior Director of Product Strategy, and Manikandan Sankaran, Director of Product Strategy, presented how to extend and modernize JD Edwards in the cloud and the opportunities available to customers to complement their business processes with the cloud.

Are you on a journey to the cloud? JD Edwards cloud strategy is hybrid by design providing customers choice and control. Learn why JDE customers are adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and how it improves their agility, reduced IT complexity, super-charges performance, increases profitability, and protects your applications with world-class security. Customers are leverage their existing JDE investments while modernizing with the transformational capabilities of EnterpriseOne 9.2 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Paths to  Bring JD Edwards in the Cloud

The first step is to determine which cloud approach is right for your business:

  1. Platform modernization with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – 40-50+ percent OPEX savings to fund your “journey to digital”
  2. Best of breed hybrid – leverage the best of breed Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) with your current JD Edwards footprint
  3. Make the move to the full Oracle SaaS Applications suite when you’re ready

L.E.A.P. Forward Program

The pair walked through how customers can “leap” forward with JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud:

  • Lower TCO and leverage investments
    • Free cloud migration
    • 40-50 percent cost cut that funds new innovation
  • Extend and innovate
    • Unleash innovation with SaaS
    • Digital Assistants and analytics
    • Cloud-native & low-code apps
  • Automate the full stack
    • Use pre-built, app-specific lifecycle automation, patching automation, scale up/down
  • Push performance and boost protection
    • Boost full-stack performance and protection far beyond on-premises and other clouds

Benefits of the L.E.A.P. Forward program include:

  • Dramatically lower TCO than on-prem and competing clouds
  • Superior performance backed by enterprise-class SLAs
  • Automate migration and lifecycle management
  • Unique capabilities enhance availability, security, and control
  • Up to 50 percent lower five-year TCO vs. on-prem
  • Up to 63 percent lower five-year TCO vs. AWS
  • 10-100x faster batch and reporting
  • Migrate in weeks
  • Deploy in hours with full automation

With JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can leverage a few of the following tools and capabilities:

  • Terraform Infrastructure Automation scripts from OCI Marketplace
  • Reference Architecture Automation that creates subnets and security lists, provisions storage, compute and database, and installs software
  • One-Click Provisioning tool that consumes a base configuration of JD Edwards from Terraform Infrastructure Automation
  • Utilize Migration Utilities to move data and configuration details

TruGreen saved 30 percent by moving JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud. The key drivers were that a long-term service contract for the out-of-support solution stack was ending, and TruGreen needed a nimble, scalable solution that took future growth into consideration. TruGreen replaced its Websphere, DB2, and AIX Stack with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 on OCI. This helped improve agility, service, and performance. Now, TruGreen’s average ERP query response time is 0.07 seconds per user interaction. Cliff Lee, Director of Corporate Systems at TruGreen said, “Our users are ecstatic with the performance. We’re one month in and already saving relative to our previous solution.”

JD Edwards in the Cloud: Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS)

One way to take advantage of Platform as a Service (PaaS) is with the Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) – the Autonomous Database packaged with the Oracle Exadata Cloud Service. Available services include:

  • Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Oracle DBCS: Bare Metal
  • Oracle DBCS: Virtual Machine
  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud at Customer

This service helps customers save on human labor by automating database and infrastructure management, monitoring, and tuning. Customers can also prevent human error and eliminate human intervention in order to avoid downtime during maintenance.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)

Another PaaS that is available to JD Edwards customers is the Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) – standards-based identity management and single sign-on (SSO) for on-premises and cloud. With IDCS you get:

  • Open Standards: Leverage the power of open standards to deliver highly flexible integrations with other applications.
  • Identity Management: Manage user credentials across cloud, mobile, and on-premises applications – quickly and easily from one place.
  • SSO & Authorization: Use SSO and authorization to access applications on-premises and in the cloud from any device, everywhere.
  • Hybrid Identity Management: Synchronize your users and SSO between Microsoft Active Directory or your Oracle Identity Management Suite and the cloud.

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OICS)

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OICS) features include:

  • SaaS-Based Enterprise Integration Tool: Highly evolved standards-based integration tool
  • Integrates Applications Across Ecosystems: Cloud, on-premises, third-party
  • Designed for Ease of Integration: Rich library of pre-built integrations for Oracle and third-party products
  • OICS Automation: Automated provisioning, backup, patch updates, and upgrades
  • Security: Secure on-premises integration using a lightweight agent

Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

Accelerate the development of mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), collaboration, or chatbots with Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS). Choose your low/no-code development tool and pair it with orchestrations that connect to JD Edwards to achieve rapid application development that enables mobile access, chatbots, IoT, collaboration, and more.

Digital Assistant Cloud Service

Connect AI-powered chatbots with JD Edwards for Natural Language Processing. You can leverage chatbots in both a browser user interface or a mobile user interface.

Content and Experience Cloud Service (CX Cloud)

The Content and Experience Cloud Service is a multi-channel intelligent content platform. The out-of-the-box integration with JD Edwards saves time and money and simplifies on-line collaboration internally and externally. Leverage documents and conversations that are in-context with any JDE transaction or entity. This platform extends value and has lower storage and processing costs.

JD Edwards in the Cloud: Software as a Service (SaaS)

To determine your cloud migration readiness, take a look at some success factors and adoption considerations:

  • Success Factors
  • SaaS Adoption Considerations
    • Switching costs – culture, content, and complexity
    • Product fit – JDE customers most successful with:
      • HCM cloud
      • CX Cloud
      • EPM Cloud
      • Cloud Financials
      • Cloud Procurement
    • Example: World or old release E1 customer only running Financials and/or HCM is a great SaaS candidate due to simplicity and product fit

SaaS paths for moving JD Edwards in the Cloud include:

  • Start at the edge (EPM, CPQ) – minimize upgrade, quick win
  • Adopt by pillar (ERP, SCM, HCM, CX) – transform a specific area, automate
  • Complete cloud transformation – transform the entire business

Start at the edge with the Oracle EPM Cloud. It offers collaborative planning, connected financial close, narrative reporting, and enterprise data management. Hundreds of JD Edwards customers have transformed their Planning process with EPM Cloud. EPM Cloud provides a single source of data, rolling forecasts, driver-based planning, and faster financial close.

Adopt by pillar with one of Oracle’s SaaS applications – ERP, SCM, HCM, or CX. The image below highlights some of the key areas of customer success in the JD Edwards ecosystem that SaaS apps offer.

The third option is a complete cloud transformation that transforms your entire business. Monrovia Nursery took this path by replacing JD Edwards with Oracle Cloud. Monrovia’s problem was that its JD Edwards system included many customizations and manual processes. The goal was to have a single modern, scalable solution that could handle requirements across ERP, SCM, and HCM. The solution was to implement Oracle ERP, EPM, SCM, and HCM Cloud. The results included improved finance and planning, plus more efficient order management for improved customer satisfaction.

How to Extend and Modernize with JD Edwards in the Cloud