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A Case Study on How to Simplify Business Processes with Oracle ERP Cloud

A graphic of someone using the Shift app

Shift Inc., a fast-growing car rental and leasing company, started its operation with Oracle from day one. Co-founder and Director of IT, Ahmed Hassan Youssef, spoke out about how they learned to simplify business processes using Oracle ERP Cloud.

The company offers a unique service. Their front-end application allows users to rent and return cars without ever having to interact with humans. The automated process lets users select and book a vehicle, sign a Rental Agreement, receive notifications, activate and return the vehicle, rate the service, and more—all through the app. Cars are left in designated drop-off zones for customers to pick up and return at.

This business model required the support of a system that would encourage and be able to handle automation. Shift Inc. ultimately selected Oracle ERP Cloud because of the simplicity and automation that it provided. The Oracle Fusion applications that they implemented in their system allowed them to better manage their Finance, Procurement, and HR processes. For example, the company now only has three employees in its Finance department to handle financials for the entire company. The simplicity of Oracle ERP Cloud and Fusion applications allows the employees to just mostly monitor the system.

Some other benefits that Shift Inc. noticed after learning how to simplify business processes with Oracle ERP Cloud and Fusion applications were that the workflow and processes within the company sped up. The work is hassle-free, and any Service Requests are answered quickly. The integration of Oracle products with Shift Inc.’s front-end application made information more accessible and appealing to users and made the application more user-friendly.

For more information about how Oracle ERP Cloud and Fusion applications have benefitted Shift Inc., check out the video below.