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Oracle Management Cloud for JD Edwards Monitoring


JD Edwards monitoring can oftentimes be extremely manual and time-consuming. However, Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) provides complete visibility into JD Edwards components and enables you to stay in sync and continuously improve the system.

Challenges of JD Edwards Monitoring

Organizations are always interested in driving revenue by maintaining the highest performance of their applications. Business users want to monitor the applications end-to-end across various tiers and have tools and processes in place to perform root cause analysis for field transactions. They need their applications to stay ahead of business demands and enable innovation and growth in new markets and business opportunities.

Due to the manual and time-consuming nature of JD Edwards monitoring and the way JD Edwards integrates information across the enterprise, each error can significantly compromise the integrity of the information that is used to make business decisions, which can seriously damage the efficiency value and reliability of the applications. Oracle Management Cloud provides complete visibility into JD Edwards components, which enables you to stay in sync and continuously improve the system. The kit instantly identifies slow response times and incomplete critical tasks. Automated alerts provide experts with the right insights to adequately respond to changes – preventing system instabilities and outages.

Overview of Oracle Management Cloud for JD Edwards Monitoring

The landing page of Oracle Management Cloud shows the entire services that it offers. It is the ultimate solution for proactively monitoring and improving the stability and availability of your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system. The topology view helps users understand how OMC monitors and correlates different entities across various tiers in a single pane of glass. OMC monitors your complete stack of components – providing full visibility into the performance of both your JD Edwards applications and user activities. Oracle Management Cloud’s application performance monitoring service discovers the bottlenecks associated with the JD Edwards application and quickly helps troubleshoot them right from the inducer level to the OS level.

From the homepage, you can monitor the performance of the JD Edwards application from your end-user perspective in the Pages pane, analyze your server workloads in the Server Requests pane, and identify problems in associated tiers and drill down into operational data in the AppServers pane.

OMC has a provision to collect or log data from JD Edwards, whether it is on-premises or in the Cloud. By leveraging machine learning capabilities, OMC also has the ability to aggregate and analyze all log data from your JD Edwards application and infrastructure – enabling IT administrators and business owners to make better decisions.

Oracle Management Cloud monitors all of the following elements of your JD Edwards environment:

  • User activities
  • System performance
  • Critical jobs not completing in time
  • Slow, bad running jobs, etc.

With OMC as a solution for JD Edwards, users get 360-degree insight into the performance availability and capacity of applications and infrastructure investments – enabling line of business and IT executives and administrators to make critical decisions.

Many customers struggle to understand what happened, when it happened, and who changed what in their environment. This lack of visibility and inadequate monitoring often causes inevitable service outages and system instabilities. Oracle Management Cloud provides relevant insights and proactively identifies issues and changes in your EnterpriseOne system. It enables you to respond instantly and maintain system stability and availability using advanced machine learning capabilities.

To learn more about how to leverage Oracle Management Cloud for JD Edwards monitoring, check out the video below.

Oracle Management Cloud for JD Edwards Monitoring