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Overview of Oracle Guided Learning

QFDE Cloud Week

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, David Hoelscher, Enterprise Learning Strategist at Oracle University, presented an introduction to Oracle Guided Learning and other learning approaches. Hoelscher also discussed best practices for deploying Modern Learning.

The modern learner is impatient, tech-savvy, disrupted, and on-the-go. Statistics show that:

  • 52 percent of the modern learners want information at the point of need
  • 47 percent of modern learners want to do their learning in the evenings and on the weekends
  • 42 percent of modern learners do their learning at their office desk
  • 30 percent want to be alerted and updated
  • 27 percent of modern learners are doing learning on their way to work

Choose Your Learning Format

There are several sides to the new face of adoption and learning. There is social learning, collaboration, and easy accessibility. There is also mobile learning, global, and gamification. Additionally, there is cloud-based, 24×7 access, and digital badging.

The three primary training formats are:

  1. In-class/live
  2. Digital/eLearning
  3. In-application guidance

Data shows that the No. 1 method for training today is still in a live training setting. eLearning is becoming a new tool in the learning and development toolbelt to complement in-person training. In-application guidance can be faster and more cost-effective than traditional training approaches when leveraging a full solution like Oracle Guided Learning.

Blended Learning Approach

The Blended Learning Approach involves instructor-led direction with learning subscriptions. This approach combines the most immediate project need with instructor-led boot camps followed by a learning subscription for ongoing learning needs during the project. The instructor-led core team courses get the whole team or the majority of the team members up to the same level of understanding and knowledge. Subject matter experts (SMEs), key members of the core team or administrators, continue their learning journey using learning subscriptions to attain deep product knowledge during projects and also keep up with the latest product updates.

Oracle Guided Learning

Oracle Guided Learning is changing the way users think about cloud adoption. Oracle Guided Learning revolutionizes Software as a Solution (SaaS) adoption by helping employees access unique organizational business processes in their flow of work – exactly when and where they need it. Oracle Guided Learning is designed to ease go-live, create an amazing user experience, enforce policies, manage change communications, introduce new projects, and train your functional administrators.

For a demo of Oracle Guided Learning, check out the video below.

5 Habits for Successful Cloud Adoption

To end his presentation, Hoelscher shared five habits that help ensure successful cloud adoption:

  1. Invest in your team
  2. Communicate
  3. Provide fast access to the answer
  4. Stay engaged
  5. Evolve with the cloud

To learn more, check out the Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week presentation attached below.

Overview of Oracle Guided Learning