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The PeopleSoft Innovators Program: Celebrating Success and Inspiring Growth

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Executive Summary

When you consider your company accomplishments with PeopleSoft, what are some of the moments you’re most proud of?

Maybe you launched a new feature that saved critical work hours, deployed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure across your system, or expanded a certain module to new regions of your company. Whatever wins come to mind, the PeopleSoft Product Team would love to hear from you.

In fact, there’s an entire section of peoplesoftinfo.com devoted to these success stories. It’s called The PeopleSoft Innovators Program, and it’s the perfect place to read about company successes, learn from others’ experiences, and highlight your own wins.

Started in 2017, the PeopleSoft Innovators Program was created to recognize and reward customers’ efforts to transform their environment.

In addition to celebrating successes, the program doubles as a content library packed with community insights. Submissions are open and encouraged all year long, and stories are published regularly on peoplesoftinfo.com. Stories are also announced via the PeopleSoft Now! video series, and key players get invited to an exclusive innovators’ reception to mix and mingle with one another.

To learn more about the types of stories that make it into the PeopleSoft Innovator Program, keep reading below.

Quick Tips & Tricks

Three Categories of Innovators

The PeopleSoft Innovators Program is divided into three categories:

  • PeopleSoft Innovators
  • Feature Innovators
  • Expansion Innovators

The first category, PeopleSoft Innovators, is composed of companies who have completed broad transformation initiatives in multiple strategic investment areas, such as user experience, analytics, and deployment in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. To date, this category has published 80 success stories.

The second category, Feature Innovators, includes customers that rapidly deploy the latest strategic features or technology capabilities delivered in PeopleSoft. On rare and exciting occasions, customers have jumped on a new feature within hours of its release. In more typical cases, customers launch a feature within a few days. Both of these fast action approaches are celebrated in the Features category. Currently, there are 79 stories of rapid adoption in this program.

The third and newest category, Expansion Innovators, is made up of customers that have deployed a new module for the first time or expanded their current modules to new users—for example, in a new department or a new region. Since this category is a recent addition to the program, there are only 5 stories published so far.

Insights and Observations

As you read over the stories on peoplesoftinfo.com, you’ll come across helpful trends that may impact the way you run your own ecosystem.

For instance, in the Expansion Innovators space, most customers share about expansions that reduced complexity by replacing customizations or third-party systems. There’s a mix of phased and “big bang” approaches, and all expansions are Fluid forward. Among these stories is the largest ever implementation of PeopleSoft, which occurred when the U.S. Army rolled out Human Resources to more than 1 million soldiers.

Stories automatically display based on publication date, but you can filter by tool to gather the most relevant information for your company.

Here’s a quick round-up on some of the trends tied to specific tools:

  • PeopleSoft Insights
    • Most customers deploy delivered dashboards and build their own.
    • Adoption of PeopleSoft Insights continues and is accelerating.
  • Real Time Indexing
    • Real Time Indexing has been hot! This rapid adoption is a leading indicator that customers are starting to embrace a search-first experience.
    • Real Time Indexing gives a “two-for-one” impact, with benefits both search and analytics.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    • Big customers are on OCI and more are moving there. (Cognizant has 340,000 users and 180 system interfaces across HCM and FSCM.)
    • Most are choosing to go all in, though some start in a more opportunistic way.
    • The benefits are broad and far reaching, including cost, agility, performance, and sustainability. For example:
      • Hennepin County moved from on-premise to OCI, reducing housing costs by 40%.
      • Cognizant moved from Exadata on-prem to Exadata Databased Service on OCI, reducing database refresh time from 18 hours to 2 hours.
      • The State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts achieved across-the-board performance improvements, including 60% faster PO/AP print.
      • Southcoast Health moved all PeopleSoft HCM and ERP environments to OCI in a 2 month lift and shift.

Read each of the above stories in full at peoplesoftinfo.com.

Key Takeaways

We hope this post has encouraged you to acknowledge and share your own wins. As you consider your submissions or lessons to glean from the PeopleSoft Innovator Program, keep these tips in mind:

  • Digital Assistant uptake continues to be slow. Higher Ed leads the way. If you have a story about Digital Assistant, submit it!
  • Guided Learning is coming on strong. Two new submissions will be published soon, and customer behavior shows increased interest in this area.
  • Reducing customization is consistently a strong focus in PeopleSoft Innovator submissions, and there is widespread use of tools and frameworks in 50% of submissions.
  • Feature adoption reflects broad industry trends, including Remote Worker, Gender Identity, Vaccine Tracking, etc.
  • Looking ahead, the Innovator reviewers anticipate more “Feature + Insight” adoption, where customers roll out the feature along with the insight dashboard/visualization.
  • ERP submissions are needed!

Today, there are over 165 great stories at peoplesoftinfo.com, but there are ten times more stories that need to be told. Sharing your wins not only gives the PeopleSoft Product Team a chance to honor you, but it also provides other customers with confidence and competence in their own endeavors. Submit your story today and help the team develop a rich body of knowledge for all users to tap into.

For more information on the PeopleSoft Innovators Program, watch the BLUEPRINT 4D presentation by Rebekah Jackson, VP of Product Strategy at Oracle here: PeopleSoft Innovator Trends and Highlights: Who’s Doing What With PeopleSoft.

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The PeopleSoft Innovators Program: Celebrating Success and Inspiring Growth