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Selective Adoption Series - What Is Selective Adoption?

If you are a PeopleSoft user, you’ve likely heard of Selective Adoption by now, but I thought I would spend some time talking about what Selective Adoption is and what users are saying about it.

What is Selective Adoption?
As a PeopleSoft customer on PeopleSoft 9.2, “PeopleSoft Selective Adoption” means:
·         You get new capabilities without the need to upgrade ever again.
·         You take only the changes you want, when you want.
·         You don’t need to be current on maintenance to take changes.

PeopleSoft has changed the way maintenance and new enhancements are delivered and applied. Customers choose the changes they want—on their schedule—while retaining strategic customizations. New enhancements are made available immediately so customers do not have to wait for the next release and go through an expensive upgrade to improve the value of their applications. This new Continuous Delivery model does not come without change. PeopleSoft has changed and now customers must change to gain the maximum benefit. Business and Information Technology managers must recognize the potential benefits that Continuous Delivery provides and rethink the way they plan, implement and roll out changes to their users. The organization that embraces this change and encourages both the business and information technology teams to work together will see a much higher ROI.

What are Customers Saying?
Selective Adoption has been around for several years now and customers are telling us they are saving money, results are exceptional, customizations are down, and it’s all based on what works for you and your company.

Here is a sneak peek at what customers are saying:

“Each Update Image is like a birthday present, because they keep delivering what we need and are wanting to adopt.”

“It’s important for customers to know that there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” approach to Selective Adoption. The only “wrong” is to have NO approach.”

“Speak with other users—network—look for and hear about others’ experiences and what has worked for them or not.”

“Selective Adoption is a big mindset change. It needs clear explanation to the customers in simple terms with proper ROI justification.”

“It is far simpler than it used to be and can help level load your SOW each year.”

“PTF is also important to minimize manual efforts in regression testing.”


More to Come

In the coming weeks, I will spend some time going into detail about customer recommended steps for successfully implementing PeopleSoft Selective Adoption, including:

  1. Define Your Strategy
  2. Implement a Test Automation
  3. Stay Informed
  4. Measure Your Progress

We will also be rolling out several customer stories around their Selective Adoption process, as well as pointing to some other resources you can use, so keep an eye out for other posts coming soon!

Have something to share with the community? Let us know in the comments about experiences you have had implementing Selective Adoption (good and “not-so-good”).