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Understanding the PeopleSoft Fluid HCM Company Directory

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Senior Manager |

The PeopleSoft Fluid Company Directory is a one-stop interface for searching employee information and using hierarchical and organizational structures like dotted line management and matrix teams. You can update contact information, a personal statement, and any relevant links to the configured related actions for your Company Directory profile. Managers can also initiate job-related actions for their direct reports from the Company Directory and Organization Chart.

Start by selecting the Company Directory tile. From the navigation links, you can view your profile and your Organization Chart. After searching for a specific employee, you can look the employee’s Organization Chart and create a dotted line relationship. Company Directory uses Elasticsearch and provides all relevant filter options in the left panel. Set the peer switch button to the “on” position to view an employee’s peers. Empty positions can also be seen in an employee’s organization, and these positions are also now available in the Company Directory tree. Displaying empty positions helps maintain the hierarchy in the Org Chart.

Export functionality in the Company Directory is based on role access. You can export your organization data to an Excel spreadsheet or a Visio graphics file. The reports show the employee’s organization data—including their name, title, department, manager’s name, manager’s title, dotted line report and dotted line manager. It will show the dotted line manager for all members—starting with the selected employee and followed by his or her peers, direct reports and indirect reports. Empty positions are also included in the export file.

Now let’s create a dotted line relationship for an employee who is mentoring another employee. Navigate to the employee’s profile to add a dotted line report. Then select the mentored employee from the search result and confirm the action. This information is accessible via smartphone as well. You will be able to view the matrix teams for the employee and the reporting structure, including any dotted line information.

Next, go to the Reporting Structure. Here, the direct line and dotted line structures are separate tabs. From the employee’s profile, the employee can take any relevant manager self-service actions from the Company Directory. From the actions menu, you can go back to your own profile to make updates to contact information or to initiate any self-service action. You can also navigate to the Company Directory search page using the actions menu. Additionally, you can assign roles for dotted line management or export the Org Chart from the chart and profile settings. You can also choose to show or hide the position number on the Org Chart when the position is empty.

The Admin interface for dotted line and export functionality is available in the HR administration navigation collection. An available red paper can help you bring in additional systems or derived fields on the Org Chart or Company Directory profile. The Fluid Company Directory enables you to get information and take action from either the Company Directory or Org Chart, which increases productivity.

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Understanding the PeopleSoft Fluid HCM Company Directory